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Was Taylor Swift’s $12K diamond ring stolen at the VMAs 2023?

Taylor Swift was the major winner at Tuesday night's 2023 VMAs. She

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Taylor Swift makes history with 9 wins at the VMAs

Taylor Swift won the VMAs in 2023, becoming the first woman to

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Arijit Singh’s Remarkable Feat: Surges Past Taylor Swift, Nears Eminem in Spotify’s Most Followed Artists

  Arijit Singh has achieved a historic musical milestone by surpassing Taylor

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Diljit Dosanjh and Taylor Swift Dating Chronicles: Twitter’s Hilarious Circus of Reactions

The internet erupted with a mixture of shock and excitement when two

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Taylor Swift’s new love story begins with Brit rockstar Matty Healy!

  Nice to meet you, where have you been? Prolly what Taylor

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Mr. Beast Helps One Thousand Deaf People With Hearing Aids

Just a few months after assisting in the restoration of sight to

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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn have Broken Up after 6 Years of Dating

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn decided to call it split after six

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BTS Jimin First Korean Solo Artist ‘Like Crazy’ to Top US Charts

Jimin of BTS is the first South Korean solo artist to top

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Taylor Swift entitled to speak About Her Weight

Taylor Swift sparked outrage with the release of her new album Midnights

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