Arijit Singh’s Remarkable Feat: Surges Past Taylor Swift, Nears Eminem in Spotify’s Most Followed Artists

Arijit Singh's Remarkable Feat: Surges Past Taylor Swift, Nears Eminem in Spotify's Most Followed Artists


Arijit Singh has achieved a historic musical milestone by surpassing Taylor Swift and collecting a massive fan base of over 59 million listeners on Spotify. The Bollywood playback phenomenon is on the verge of surpassing Eminem as one of the world’s most popular musicians.


Singer-songwriter Arijit Singh has won the hearts of music lovers everywhere with his deeply moving compositions. Many of his songs have become classics, such as the lovely “Dil Sambhal Zara” and the unforgettable “Tum Hi Ho.” His musical talents have been heard all over the world, and in 2020 and 2021 he will top Spotify’s most-streamed Indian artist and most-followed Asian soloist charts.

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As Arijit earns a stunning rank among the most followed global artists on Spotify, there is widespread celebration in the Indian music industry. His seventh-place finish puts him ahead of such luminaries as Taylor Swift, Bad Bunny, and BTS. Top of the chart is the unstoppable Ed Sheeran, followed by a who’s who of contemporary music’s elite: Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Eminem.


Although Arijit Singh’s success has been remarkable, many listeners still prefer Taylor Swift. The music industry is on fire thanks to her spectacular period tour, which has captivated fans with her unrivaled energy and talent. Fans are becoming increasingly excited and curious as the date of her tour approaches.


With Arijit Singh’s musical career taking off, and Taylor Swift’s reign still winning over listeners’ hearts, it’s an exciting time to be a music lover anywhere in the world.






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