Sympathy For The Devil: Joel Kinman reveals his character, says big thing for Nicolas Cage

The story of the film is also based on these two characters. Joel is known for Prime Video's spy series in which he played the lead role.


‘Sympathy for the Devil’ is a crime thriller that is set to have a digital premiere on Lionsgate Play on September 29. Joel Kinman and Nicolas Cage are going to be seen in the lead roles in this movie. The story of the film is about a taxi ride, which takes a new and interesting turn when the passenger holds the driver at gunpoint. This film is directed by Yuval Adler. And its story and suspense will keep you engaged from the beginning till the end. At the same time, the chemistry of Nicholas and Joel Kinnaman is the highlight of the film.

What did Joel Kinnaman say about Sympathy For The Devil?

Talking about the film, Joel Kinman said during an interview- If you watch ‘Sympathy for the Devil’, you will find the film to be a cat-and-mouse game between the driver and the passenger. While Joel Kinman will be seen playing the role of a driver. Nicolas Cage will play the role of a passenger. There is a lot of anger inside the passenger. At the very beginning of the film, the passenger captures the driver, but the reason why he did so is not known.

You won’t understand this unless you’ve seen the movie. This entire story will be seen revolving around Joel Kinman and Nick Cage. Furthermore, Joel further explains his experience “I have done a lot of theater and there is no doubt that you have to spend hours on stage sometimes. Artists can understand your concentration during this time. And to work like that with Nic Cage was a career highlight.”

Got recognition for the Hana series

Joel Kinnaman plays Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad series of films. His character Eric Heller in Prime Video’s series Hana became very popular. In this series, he plays the role of Hana’s father, who saves her from Utrax. Its two seasons have arrived.

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A psychological thriller movie is Sympathy for the Devil. The film premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in July this year.

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