Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date: Will a New Season Air In 2021?

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Stranger Things is a phenomenon. After three seasons launched, the series continues to grow and gain more and more new fans. Not least, it is one of the most-watched series on the Netflix platform.

Unfortunately, in 2020, we didn’t have a new season in the series. But calm down. When will she debut? Are they already recording?

Has the fourth season of Stranger Things been confirmed?

Yes. On September 30, 2019, Netflix confirmed the renewal of the series. However, previously one of the series’ producers, Shawn Levy, had already confirmed to Collider that they were already developing the fourth season. Also, Stranger Things is already one of the platform’s biggest titles, and with the end of House of Cards last year and Orange Is The New Black in 2019, the 1980s drama will become one of Netflix’s veteran attractions.

The creators, the Duffer brothers, have also previously warned that they have a four-season plan for Stranger Things. And that the series would not exceed, at most, five seasons.

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When will the 4th season be released?

That’s a tricky question because Stranger Things has a nonlinear schedule. The first season, for example, debuted in July 2016, while the second season debuted in October 2017. For the third, the hiatus was almost two years. So she arrived on Netflix in July 2019.

The release of seasons 2 and 3, however, coincided with the series’ timeline. For example, in season 2 the series took place on Halloween and was released in October. Season 3 took place on the 4th of July holiday in the USA.

The production of the fourth season had to be stopped, due to the Coronavirus, but soon it will return to the tracks. Our biggest guess is that it could be launched at the beginning of the second half of 2021. But an official date will be confirmed in the future – and we will update this story.

How many episodes will the 4th season have?

The number of episodes in a season varies on how much the Duffer brothers want to tell. The first season, for example, featured eight episodes. The second, nine. However, the third season matched the first year and featured eight episodes again.

The fourth season, therefore, will also have approximately eight episodes.

In what year will the fourth season take place?

So far, each season has passed in a year. The first, in 1983. The second, in 1984. The third, in 1985. So, in that way, the fourth season will take place in 1986.

However, children are growing up very fast. Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), for example, turned 18 in 2019. Thus, he will not continue playing a 14-year-old for long. Soon, the series will be able to advance more than a year in the timeline, with stories in 1987 or even in 1988.

Stranger Things Season 4

Who from the cast will return for the fourth season?

Given the casualties at the end of the third season, we will have some characters that we will miss in the next episodes of the series.

But of course, we will have some fan favorites back. Noah Schnapp (Will), Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Finn Wolfhard (Mike), and Sadie Sink (Max) are expected, as well as Winona Ryder (Joyce).

Charlie Heaton, Natalia Dyer, and Joe Keery – whose characters are likely to be full-time college students – are also expected to return. Fans will love to see Priah Ferguson (Erica) and Maya Hawke (Robin) return in season 4, following their iconic scenes in season three. Cara Buono, who plays Karen Wheeler, is also likely to return.

Unless it is in flashback, Dacre Montgomery will unfortunately not return, as Billy was killed by the Mind-Flayer monster in the battle of Starcourt at the end of season 3.

Now, who will return is David Harbor. Even before the new season opens, it has been confirmed that Sheriff Hopper is alive, and is the American arrested in Russia. Then, the plot should start on a rescue of the character.

The spoilers and guesses for the fourth season

The third season ended with the gang being divided. Joyce Byers finally left Hawkins, taking Will and Eleven with her. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Max remained, along with Nancy, Steve, Robin, and Erica. Therefore, the fourth season can explore these new dynamics and how the game will continue without two of its main players.

On the romance side, Mike and Eleven’s relationship will also be tested. Max and Lucas still had something at the end of the season, while Steve remains single after discovering that Robin prefers girls.

Dustin’s relationship with Suzie (which is real!) Could also be part of the season. Nancy and Jonathan will undoubtedly continue as a couple, but they will be able to see their relationship tested in college. And as for Joyce … justice for Jopper.

The Russians, while not opening the Inverted World portal again, are now in possession of the original Demogorgon. How they did it, we don’t know. But it must be explained.

Speaking of the Russians, there is still the question of Hopper’s arrest. According to the Netflix synopsis, “Not everything is good news for our ‘American’; he has trapped away from home, in the snowy desert of Kamchatka, where he will face dangers both human… and others ”. Also, the complete synopsis. “Meanwhile, back in the United States, a new horror is beginning to emerge, something is very buried, something that connects everything …”

Eleven villain?

Stranger Things Season 4

One theory circulating on the internet is that Eleven could be the big badass of season four. All this, because she was bitten by Mind Flayer in the third season. Also, she appeared without her powers at the end of the third season. With that, his powers would return, but at a price for the monster’s control, which would set Eleven against his friends.

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