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Stranger Things teases an approaching season 4 upgrade in an early mysterious video. Arguably Netflix’s biggest continuing original series, Stranger Things last dropped new episodes in the summer of 2019. The end of season 3 left lovers with the cliffhanger that Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is alive and being held in a prison, and excitement for season 4 has only grown since then. Sadly, however, progress on Stranger Things’ fourth run has been hindered from the coronavirus pandemic. Filming kicked off in early 2020, but it was not long before everything had to be shut down because of the pandemic.

Stranger Things season 4 resumed filming later in the year, but celebrity Gaten Matarazzo said in January it’s been progressing quicker than usual. As of late March, production was still ongoing, and Finn Wolfhard said last month he considers the new episodes will premiere in 2022. This is much later than what audiences had been expecting, but all indications point to this year being worth the wait. Matarazzo, Wolfhard, and other Stranger Things stars have hyped up the darker tone of season 4, with some even saying it’s the most old one yet.

Stranger Things Season 4

At long last, some sort of update seems to be on the horizon. What that is, however, remains to be seen. Wednesday afternoon, the official Stranger Things YouTube account shared a nearly two-minute-long video titled”HNL Control Room.” HNL refers to the Hawkins National Laboratory, aka the Website of Eleven’s (Millie Bobby Brown) experimentations and also the gate to the Upside Down. The movie itself shows a lender of staticky video monitors. At different intervals, one comes to life and reveals a snippet of some kind of room. Though the said room is vacant, it is clear something serious has gone down within it, as bloody splatters and smears can be viewed.

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The explanation for the movie says they’ll be”back in service tomorrow at 9:00 AM ET.” The very specific timing appears to indicate something is coming tomorrow morning, but just exactly what? The easiest suspect could be a Stranger Things trailer of some kind, which could be eagerly welcomed by fans. But it might also be that we’ll figure out just what happened in the rainbow-walled room of the Hawkins lab. Since that is the focus of this specific video, which leaves more questions than answers, it seems like it is setting up something that especially pertains to this lab. Maybe this is a significant hint for Stranger Things season 4.

Whatever it is, there won’t be much of a wait before all is revealed. Stranger Things fans just might need to tune into the channel at 9 am ET tomorrow to figure out precisely what’s happening. Since production extended up to now into this season, it likely isn’t some sort of release date announcement, but the footage isn’t off the table. After an ancient trailer of Hopper at the prison was released over a year ago. Maybe tomorrow will bring yet another Stranger Things clip to help tide fans over until season 4 arrives.

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