Dunki: Is the SRK movie a remake of Dulquer Salmaan’s Malayalam film, CIA?

Shah Rukh Khan will take over the silver screen in 2023


On social media, the growing buzz surrounding SRK’s next movie, Dunki, has sparked fascinating discussions and conjectures. It has come up in recent discussions, particularly following the release of Dunki’s most recent poster. That Dunki may resemble the 2017 Malayalam film CIA: Comrade in America, directed by Amal Neerad. Dulquer Salmaan’s film CIA explored complex themes of political activism, love, and identity. A young man from Kerala was the focus of the plot, which followed him as he traveled to the US to find his true love. Along the way, it looked at the difficulties that immigrants encounter when living abroad and the complexity of contemporary relationships.

SRK opens up on Dunki

It is Neerad Productions, Amal. Initial impressions based on BTS tidbits and Dunkin’s poster have led to conjectures that it might share themes and a plot with CIA. Not every voice, though, concurs with this idea. Social media has been used by some movie buffs to clarify that Dunki is not a CIA remake. One Prabhas fan appealed to other Prabhas fans, stressing the importance of showing positivity and grace in the face of Salaar and Dunki’s disagreement. They made it very clear: “Dunki is not a remake, and we know it well.” A different user highlighted the main distinctions, saying, “Dunki is a comedy-drama, whereas CIA was an action thriller.”

This is Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani’s first joint project. It’s already become one of the most eagerly anticipated films of 2023. All eyes are on Dunki as SRK revels in the success of his most recent blockbuster, Jawan. Which has achieved the incredible milestone of earning Rs 1000 crore at the box office. The film industry is ablaze with anticipation that Salman Khan could score his third consecutive Rs 1000 crore hit, capping off what is turning into a spectacular year for him in the film business.

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