Spoilers for Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 Written Update: Nandini plots and succeeds against Pihu!

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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Nandini starts the episode by instilling in Pihu the importance of not talking to Priya. Then requests that Pihu at least talk to her. Nandini notices her drawing. Nandini sees Ram approaching and pretends to console Pihu. Ram arrives while Nandini departs. She believes Ram will intervene, but Ram is preoccupied with Pihu and does not even look at Nandini. She becomes agitated. Priya and Krish are in a cafe. Kanika arrives and inquires, “Why did you summon me here?” You’ve already annihilated me. Priya says, “I want you to confess publicly because we have that video.”

Priya requests her assistance in exposing Vedika for Pihu’s sake. Kanika becomes agitated and leaves. Priya is concerned, but Krish reassures her. Priya believes it is time to expose Nandini because she is capable of reaching any level. Krish advises you to leave it to Ram and trust him. Priya says she believes in him, but she can’t let Nandini win. Krish takes her hand in his and says, “Don’t worry, that won’t happen.” Vedika documents everything so that the judge can see it. Nandini tells Shubham that they need to confuse the judge’s eyes before Pihu goes to childcare with the children of other divorced couples. But then, says Shubham.

Later that evening, Vedika shows Nandini the images that they will be using. Nandini is overjoyed. Everyone is greeted by Ram. Ram gives Pihu a gift and tells Vedika how expensive it is and asks Vedika to assist Pihu in holding it. Vedika smiles and agrees. Pihu is waiting for Priya. Soods arrive, and Meera compliments Pihu on her appearance. Priya approaches Pihu and requests that she speak with her. Pihu remains silent before running to Nandini and hugging her. Nandini displays phoney concern. The judge arrives and informs her that her lawyer informed her of Priya’s incarceration. Ram claims it happened in the past and that no one knows the entire story.

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The judge agrees to give him a second chance. The party begins with Adi playing harmonica and Priya and Ram dancing. Priya expresses regret to Pihu. Ram and Priya perform a dance with Pihu. Nandini instructs Shubham to place proofs near the judge. Nandini also dances with Pihu, and Shubham plants the evidence. Priya, Ram, and Pihu are having a good time together. They perform a dance.

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