Durga Mata Ki Chhaya Written Episode Update: The Moment When Durga Kills Damini

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Durga Mata Ki Chhaya Written Episode Written Update

Geeto is attempting to attack, but Lakhan intervenes and pushes her away. He instructs Durga to flee from there. Panna appears and inquires as to who this evil woman is. She shoots at her, but she is unharmed. Geeto attacks her, and Panna collapses. She rushes to Mata Rani and begs her forgiveness. Gets gulaal there and goes to Geeto. Geeto becomes terrified. She says you can’t defeat well; you’re proud of your evil powers, but they’ll be extinguished today. She hurls gulaal at her and Geeto burns. Durga rushes up to Dev and embraces him. She inquires as to his well-being. According to Dev, I became very concerned. Durga’s concern for Dev hurts Lakhan.


Damini observes them and believes that I can win this game by utilizing Chogmaya’s abilities. She uses her abilities to reveal herself to Lakhan. She tells Lakhan, “I know you want to win her, so I know a way for you to get Durga and me to get Dev.” You must bring Durga’s anklet to the location where she has lit diyas. She informs Dev that the magical door has been opened, allowing us to return to our world. Lakhan puts Durga’s anklet in with the diyas. Damini arrives via the magical door. Durga wonders how you got here. Damini claims that Lakhan assisted her. Inquires Lakhan, “Why?” Because I want you, Durga, he says.

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When Durga Fights Written Updates

Durga is interceding for Lakhan. Damini is approaching her, but Durga grabs a Trishul and wields it like a Devi. She kicks Damini and she falls down, as Lakhan and Dev watch. She uses the Trishul to stab Damini. Durga rushes over to Lakhan and apologizes for his suspicion. Lakhan tells her, “I know Dev and I are one; I am happy to know you will be with me in the next life; go with Dev.” The magical door is now open, so follow him. They both begin to leave there. Panna dashes over to Lakhan. Lakhan recalls their interactions with Durga. They return to the present day.

Dev informs the family that Damini has died as a result of her mistakes. Durga claims they have forgotten about me. We remember you now, according to Alok. Amresh sobs and tells Dev that he chose the wrong path. Dev promises that we will have a good life now and that no one will cry. He embraces him. Samarth, Ketki, and Nitu apologize to Dev. He gives them a friendly smile. Alok claims that this house will be happy only now.
Durga begins to prepare for the pooja. They wonder where Dev is. Dev appears with a moustache, points a gun at Durga, and says, “I am Lakhan”. She is stunned, but Kabir appears and claims he stole my fake gun. They both perform puja together.

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