SPEEDClub – India’s First Emotional GYM says “EVERY TEEN NEEDS A COACH”

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

As they say it’s a match made in heaven but for a different reason. Two unusually different individuals having unusually similar passion join hands to start India’s First Emotional GYM called SPEEDClub. Yes, you heard it right, a GYM unlike what normally one hears of, or maybe a Mind GYM but not an Emotional GYM and for a good reason. Ask the founder duo Sridhar &Sonali (aka Twin Cousins) about emotional gym and their faces light up to share the spirit behind SPEEDClub (Stands for School for Personal Excellence through Emotional Development). 

They are unusual because while Sridhar Pallia is 50 (Male) from Bangalore, with 25 years of Technology background, Sonali Dutta is 25 (Female) from Kolkata from commerce, design & marketing background having met accidentally at an event. They are now both certified in Psychology, NLP and life coaching and together founded India’s 1st Emotional Gym.

They believe that the most important skilling required for holistic development of any individual during their formative years of schooling is unabashedly missing in our education system. Most schools believe that education is merely academics and to some extent sports, art and soft skills. The duo’s pet peeve is that any of these skills start with a strong emotional foundation and that very little effort is being put in to lay a strong emotional foundation in our current school setup.

Everyone agrees that marks alone cannot guarantee success, yet there is little effort in giving our children over all development and depriving them of their holistic development. So what can parents do? That’s the reason for genesis of SPEEDClub an after-school initiative to nurture children on three important pillars of Emotional, Social and Mental Well-being .

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Adolescence (aka teenage) is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. It includes many physical, cognitive, emotional and psychosocial changes. Teenage is the most beautiful, yet most vulnerable age of life. While teenage is the age of maximum learning, it is also at the crossroads to future. Most of an individual’s personality is formed during this phase. Teenage is often the most unsettling age for both parents and children. Teenage is in a phase where it is like their Operating system is getting programmed & installed. Essentially their foundation for life is being laid out. Their core belief systems, their major mental models and filters are getting formed. They start making decision on important aspects in education, career and relationships.

As Sonali says “I wish I had someone to guide me during these years, I could have avoided a lot of waster energy, fewer scars, invested my energy wisely and made better decisions. That’s why my mission is to be the person I always wanted to look up to during my teenage”. 

It is not that the teens lack energy, but it is that their energy may not be utilized for the right purpose due to the lack of guidance and motivation. SPEEDClub has designed a unique hybrid model of group and individual coaching in several aspects of behaviour and character. It’s a blend of proactive counselling, skilling, coaching and motivating the teens to maximize their potential.

As Sridhar’s belief that “Balance IN everything, Balance IS everything”, every teen needs to identify their “own state of FLOW” which is where SPEED helps to achieve.

SPEEDClub’s belief that when it comes to Emotional Skills no one size fits all and that every teen has a unique challenge or developmental needs. While some teens may be preparing for a competitive exams or making a mark in sports, others may be dealing with social anxiousness, shyness or self-identity, some others want to understand how they can overcome digital addictions, distractions and develop a liking for academics or overcome exam anxiety, their needs are as unique as their finger prints. Therefore any training that’s uniform, monologue and an information dump is useless when it comes to human skills and that’s where SPEEDClub design of their programs are so unique and their members testimonials speaks volumes of it.

SPEEDClub wishes to be the “go to person” for every teen to navigate the roller-coaster ride of adulting whether you call them a teacher, guide, mentor, coach or even an outsourced parent they help their members to tide over it. That’s why they say “EVERY TEEN NEEDS A COACH”

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