Sneak peek into the exhilarating journey of notable Digital marketer and IT enthusiast Rohit Mehta

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Rohit Mehta (Digital Gabbar)

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets people to do the greatest things”

Early life and Career

Believer of the aforementioned quote, Rohit Mehta  is an IT Expert, Entrepreneur, Blogger, Author who has a double masters in IT (Information Technology) with over 10  years of remarkable hands-on experience in the field. Being someone who believes in working by taking others along with him in his journey, the digital marketing geek is a stalwart who has broken all boundaries of enriching millennials with top notch content.

Belonging from the majestic city of Patna, India, Rohit currently puts up in the capital city of India.

Born on 8 Feb 1991, Rohit has always had a hang of the internet so much so that he would utilise his entire day while looking for ways of earning money online by working from home. 

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Rise of a phoenix

But it was in the year 2015 that Rohit found out about the world of blogging and landed on a few click to earn or referral programs.

But he went deep into the world of blogging and after doing an in-depth research he understood that a blog is where one can write and spread substantial knowledge with the world.

He took a leap and began with his first blog, due to the lack of funds he could not afford WordPress therefore Rohit behan the free platform called Blogger.

After several trials and errors, the believer in Rohit chose a news blog to begin this eventful journey. Digital Gabbar is the enigmatic blog curated by Rohit Mehta which is run by a bunch of digital enthusiasts who are committed to provide millenials with the latest and most updated quality content to help you become digital gurus in various niches.

Rohit has honed his skills for writing to the point that he has successfully published 6 E-Books in both Hindi & English which provides practical insights on blogging and digital marketing.

Leading contributions

Today the visionary digital marketer is a blessing  for learners with his insightful tips on Blogging, Affiliate, SEO, Dropshipping, Social Media, online money making , guides, tutorials etc.

Having led a notable career in the realm of digital marketing, the team at Digital Gabbar is pondering to begin a series of interviews with popular Digital marketers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Entrepreneurs in a bid to give future digital marketers a sneak peek into their noteworthy real life stories which can go a long way in boosting their journey to stay motivated.

Incepted when the pandemic began to spread its arms, Digital Gabbar was catered to those individuals who lost their source of employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Rohit was committed to provide resources for such individuals so that they can develop the required skills and expertise. To facilitate this change, Digital Gabbar began to give the idea of ​​income to young India in a digital way.

Providing result oriented services of Social Media Marketing, SEO, site development, server handling etc, Rohit Mehta has led various government projects for over 7 years by working in UDHD Project & Public Commission alongwith being in the Media Industries for 5 Years.

Rohit also has the experience of working for Print Media, Electronic Media and Social Media with the Health Sector for several years coupled with his stints in the Digital & IT Consultancy for multiple Hospitals.

Vision and Insights from Gabbar Rohit

Rohit has been joined by various change makers in this thoughtful journey and he also paves the way for more digital marketers, bloggers, YouTubers, entrepreneurs and needy individuals to join this leading revolution.

Father of an adorable daughter and husband to a loving wife, Rohit is a family man who has always believed in the power of his dreams. Having led several powerful digital campaigns from the front alongwith his renowned digital agency, Rohit gives some expert guidance which speaks volumes about his dexterity in digital marketing, he further goes along to share his insights for those digital marketers who want to begin their agency, he says,”Always have faith in yourself and your passion”. Rohit believes that an individual is made up of his dreams and what he aspires to be, self doubt is a reality and it happens to everyone but if you are wanting to begin any startup or even a digital agency, then the first step is to have a unshakeable belief that you are trudging the right path, if you give your dreams a chance, they will certainly reward you.

The next biggest advice that Rohit gives to aspirant digital entrepreneurs is to make a team of like minded individuals, it can be a small group of people who think in a positive and growth oriented direction and share energies that are focused on achieving long term prosperity.

Talking about his stint as a founding entrepreneur to his digital agency, Rohit says,”The experience hasn’t been less than fulfilling, throughout this period, I have learnt alot about people management and what all challenges does digital agencies face, although my team has taken all the challenges and opportunities from the front, we are still growing on all horizons and with the response that we are getting with our services, we are certain that we will reach many more milestones by continuously providing value with our content”.

Through his impeccable author profile on Amazon where he shares some very enriching knowledge via his blog, Rohit Mehta is training minds to become visionaries. His various e-books take the readers on a prolific journey of change that guides them step by step in their digital journeys.

Certainly, Rohit Mehta stands as an inspiration to the youth for making the most of the plethora of resources online, the Digital Gabbar has a league of some unparalleled ventures and ideas that have given birth to such initiatives that are providing a source of constant learning for the digital geeks.

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