Sneak peak into the life of vegetarian bodybuilder and fitness model Rakesh C Wadhwa

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Rakesh C Wadhwa

Being a bodybuilder requires a lot of discipline and dedication, one needs to be very clear on their goal because the process of preparing for bodybuilding competitions can be very challenging, from discarding savories to decreasing water intake before the competition, there is a lot that goes while preparing for a competition and while being on the stage.

For a young guy called Rakesh C Wadhwa who began his journey from working at a call centre to finally winning notable bodybuilding laurels for the country, the journey has been a fulfilling and challenging experience at the same time, it is the process of becoming an acclaimed bodybuilding inspiration from being no one, all this with consistent hard work that enabled the fitness freak to reach to the top.

Belonging to the city of Belgaum, Karnataka, the 33 years old pure vegetarian began his journey in the year 2015 by participating in regional level competitions and within a short period, he had banged many First’s at National Level Bodybuilding Contests and had also represented India in Body Power Expo UK in May 2019.

Rakesh C Wadhwa took home 4 International Medals for his country India at the Bodypower Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is one such versatile athlete who has crafted his body in such an aesthetic way that he fits into most of the categories of bodybuilding competitions which include bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Muscle Model as well as Men’s Physique

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He has also won some of the most notable Titles at national level bodybuilding contests in the year 2018-19 such as Fit Factor in Muscle Modelling Category, Jerai Classic Grand in Fitness Model, Overall Championship in Body Power Pune, Sheru Classic in Goa in Men’s Physique, Boss Classic 2019 as a Muscle Model and many more. 

Not only this, he is an entrepreneur, a fitness coach and has also been called to judge one of the fitness shows, Beach Body Carnival which was organized by a Bollywood actor / Fitness icon Mr. Sahil Khan and Bodypower India.

In a nutshell, Rakesh C Wadhwa is a powerhouse of many trades and has become a inspiration to the youth today.

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