Shubham suffered a series of heart attacks when he was 23. He has returned a year later with a reset button.

Heart Attack

Shubham, a 23-year-old biomedical engineer, installed, maintained, and repaired medical equipment. On his regular hospital visits. But even though he understood what each reading indicated, he was unable to predict his own destiny. Also despite being a frequent patient at RML, he never thought he would find a new lease of life there. Shubham is back at work after surviving many heart attacks. And the young man who once ate only dhaba cuisine and spent his nights playing PUBG now goes to bed by 10:30 pm, gets up early, and schedules his meals and activities to coincide with the rhythm of the natural world.

The heart attack that took him by surprise

Shubham, a Rohini inhabitant, was in perfect health. In fact, he had started eating more sparingly a few days before to his heart attack because he was aware of his weight gain and wanted to appear nice during a family function. In actuality, the night before getting sick, he only ate salads. On the morning of August 24, 2021, he woke up in agonising pain. “I had a strong discomfort in the centre of my chest when I got up at approximately 6.30 in the morning. I believed it may go away because I had slept in the same position the entire night, says Shubham.

Even though the discomfort was rather mild at the time, he nonetheless notified his parents. “At first, it was only a small annoyance. However, as I went to the bathroom to clean up, it intensified and in about 5 to 10 seconds, it changed into a strong, electric pulse that was running through my body, he explains. He started to perspire and became lightheaded. After drinking some water, Shubham claims to have felt a little better, but as soon as he went outside to tell his parents about his condition, he passed out. Later, his mother explained to him how his body had become rigid without his knowledge. I vomited shortly after regaining consciousness, which took around five minutes.

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