AIIMS Doctor Explained: Why Many Young Indians Suffer From Heart attacks.

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry
Heart-related diseases .

Heart-related diseases have drastically raised among young Indians. It has become a debate and concern for most of health practitioners. The main issue that has been raised is why are heart attacks common nowadays with younger people other than older people. Even the case of Forty-year-old old Siddharth Shukla’s death comes under this category and it has left many in utter shock. He was an actor and Big Boss Season-13 winner who and the reason listed was that he died of a heart attack on Thursday.

Recently there was an exclusive interview with India Today, by Dr. Ambuj Roy, who is the professor of cardiology of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi, he tried to explain in detail what were the main reasons, why there were rising cases of heart attack and cardiac arrest cases in the younger generation people. Dr. Roy mainly tried to stress the point that, mental stress, physical health, and many other reasons were linked to these rising cases of heart diseases among young generations of today.

IT: Why are there deaths happening in India in people who exercise and eat healthy too?

To this Dr, Roy replied, Yes exercising helps a lot no doubt, but it is not only the prime factor in staying healthy. The main reason why all these heart diseases are attacking younger people is because of stress, this generation is filled with stress and anxiety. It seems like from youngs to adults, each and everyone has or is dealing through something. And only stress gets hold of you, you start to take alcohol and drugs. This is where all the problem starts. People do exercise in today’s lifestyle but they got lots and lots of stress and to release those stress they end up taking alcohol and starts doing drugs.

How much of a role do stress and mental health play when we speak of a heart attack?

Dr. Roy replied, apart from taking care of the body and exercising mental health is equally important. Today’s generation is running their life they are not living their life, they always have to do something and reach somewhere before anyone does it. Their lives have become mundane which only revolves around jobs. Life, in general, has become so stressful.
Many people work hours and hours, give all of their time without realizing that they have not taken any care of their physical and mental health. There is a pressure to prove oneself not only in the corporate life but life in general, people want to establish something before it is too late because of this high voltage lifestyle people have forgotten to give time to themselves.

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Is genetic predisposition or family history also a factor?

The doctor said, not only Indian’s but Asian’s, in general, have more predisposition to having cardiac arrest due to the genes. And apparently, there is nothing anyone can do about it. The prime reason is genetic formation. Hence, young people in our country is facing more heart attack than our western counterparts.

What can people do to prevent this disorder?

The only way is by getting regular health check-ups. Quit smoking and being stress relief and avoiding drug abuse. Take care of mental health through meditation and yoga. And to slow down our hustle lifestyle habits.

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