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ShaktiMan famed Mukesh Khanna makes VULGAR comments on women

If a woman asks a boy for sex, then she is doing “DHANDA”: said, Mukesh Khanna

Actor Mukesh Khanna, who became famous from the serial 'Shaktimaan' within the TV world, is seen embroiled in controversies. He keeps his opinion by sharing videos on his YouTube channel. 

A component of the video on his YouTube channel goes viral on social media, hearing which the users got furious and reprimanded them fiercely. Mukesh Khanna is saying during this video that if a woman is asking a boy for sex, then she is doing business.

Khanna said within the video, ‘If any girl tells a boy that I would like to have sex with you, then that girl isn’t a woman, she is doing business because such shameless things no civilized society girl can ever do. won’t say If she does then she doesn’t belong to a civilized society. that’s his business, do not be a partner in it.

Demand for an FIR and issued a Notice

As soon as this video of Mukesh Khanna went viral, the Delhi Commission for Women in the context of the video demanded an FIR against him. DCW chairperson Swati Maliwali issued a notice to the Delhi police cyber cell, wanting an FIR against Mukesh Khanna for his extremely misogynistic and offensive comment to women.

Though to which he later clarified via another video on his youtube channel:

Have been in controversies before

Even within the year 2020, Mukesh Khanna has been embroiled in controversies. During the MeToo movement, he said that ladies must face regulatory offense or any quiet exploitation after they move out for work. Even then he had to face opposition to this.


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