Shahzeb Tejani’s new song featuring Abhijeet Sawant crosses 1 million views in just one day.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima
Tera Rishta

“Tera Rishta” has become a mass hit with Abhijeet Sawant making a comeback with his single.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have been changing across different industries of the world in ways more than one, of course, for the positive. But, this also makes it imperative to know who are the real forces behind taking these industries to exponential levels of success. Take, for example, the music space, which is driven by the astuteness and creative talents of incredible professionals like Shahzeb Tejani. This young guy is all about his love and madness for music, which can be proved by his recent single titled “Tera Rishta.” Versatile artists like him are the real forces behind the rise of the music sector in the world.

Tera Rishta is more special for many reasons. It doesn’t only have soulful lyrics, music, and singing by Shahzeb Tejani, the modern-day musical artist, but also features none other than the first Indian Idol, Abhijeet Sawant, who has made a comeback with this song after years. One more reason that has now made Tera Rishta even more special is the immense love and plaudits the audiences and music lovers are showering on the song, which has already crossed 1 million views in just one day since its release. This has created much buzz in the Indian music scene, as many fans and admirers are loving Abhijeet Sawant’s comeback and are feeling mesmerized by the vibe Shahzeb Tejani has created with the song.

Crossing 1 million views in such a short span proves the innate musical skills and talents of Shahzeb Tejani, who even in the past has given several other musical hits. Tera Rishta showcases the story of a street fighter’s heartbreak, played by Shahzeb Tejani himself, and how at the same time, he also has to prepare himself to fight the champion of the fight club played by Travius Garrett. Kiana Gaona plays the female lead in the song directed by Harsh Mahadeshwar.

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Check out the song here to feel the musical magic.

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