Scarlet Witch And Vision Will Have A Big Change From The Fourth Episode

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Actress Elizabeth Olsen says that after the events of Now in Color, Scarlet Witch and Vision, she will have a change of perspective.

Scarlet Witch and Vision premiered their third episode last week. In Now in Color we see the birth of the couple’s twins, Billy and Tommy. In addition, there are more details of the peculiarity of the place where the couple lives. Vision begins to realize that far from the normality that Wanda tries to maintain, something else is happening. For her part, Scarlet Witch confronts Geraldine and expels her from her reality after she mentions Pietro’s death at the hands of Ultron.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen now confirms that starting with episode four, things will have a new perspective. Olsen comments in an interview with Digital Spy that, from now on, Scarlet Witch and Vision will begin to answer the questions raised in the first episodes. So the audience would begin to know more details of the reality in which the protagonists are and why they are there. It will also be revealed who Geraldine really is and the team that awaited her outside of Westview.

“I think the reason they show only the first episodes to the press is that the fourth episode is a change. It’s a very fun change of perspective and I think many things begin to be understood from that moment on ”.

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Another detail that Marvel Studios is keeping well is the villain of the series. At the moment, few details have been released to identify the villain of Scarlet Witch and Vision. Although the theories of the followers are not lacking. During an interview with Elle, Elizabeth Olsen goes further and confesses that the followers of the series will not know when the villain will appear. In addition, he anticipates that there could be no villain at all, which would give the series an interesting twist.

“Someone told me when you watch any of these superhero movies you know when the villain is going to show up and you also have an idea of who the villain is. But with our series, you don’t know who the villain is or if there really is one.

The freedom that the format and theme of the series allow them, make Scarlet Witch and Vision something never seen in the MCU. The creators and the protagonists have already ensured that it is something that could only be done in this way. And the risk taken has been worth it. The Disney + series has received good reviews so far. Elizabeth Olsen says the series offers a new beginning for the franchise and for the superhero couple.

“The series is like a blank slate for them. Wanda and Vision’s journey at this point is a story of pure and innocent love, an intimate connection with another person. It was also very traumatizing. The tragedy of its history. In the series we erase it and start again.

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