Samsung introduces a single app to cook everything

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Samsung is implementing AI in the food and recipe business, drawing on the Whisk database. To transform how people prepare and consume food. A new software from Samsung has been released that serves as an AI assistant to help users find new recipes and alter their eating habits.

The South Korean IT behemoth announced it on 30 August. The software, dubbed Samsung Food, is debuting in eight different languages and more than 100 countries. Samsung Food is marketed as an app that can not only assist customers in finding new foods but also construct personalized meal prep plans and order ingredients online. It has a database of more than 160,000 recipes.

According to a statement from the company, “the service will also help users control their cooking devices while giving step-by-step guided dining and allowing users to share their favorite recipes on social media.”


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Samsung Food accesses the database of Whisk, a UK-based recipe and food app that the business just purchased

SuperCook, Mealtime, and Kitchen Stories are a few of Samsung’s rivals in the food industry. But its strength in the kitchen appliance sector may offer it an advantage. Samsung Food employs AI technology to go beyond its current capabilities and provide a food platform that really adjusts to its consumers’ wants and lifestyles. According to the company, ”Building on the foundation of Samsung’s wide range of cooking appliances and food services.”

At the launch, Chanwoo Park, executive vice-president and head of the Service Biz group at Samsung’s digital appliances company, noted that people love to “cook and eat together” and that food preparation and enjoyment are “central to our daily lives.”

samsung health

“Samsung Food is using advanced AI capabilities to deliver a highly personalized. An all-in-one food experience that users can control straight from their palms,” according to the company. “By linking Samsung’s digital appliances and mobile devices and assisting people from shopping list to dinner plate.”

When Samsung combines its health service with the new food app by the end of the year, this will go a step further. Allowing customers the choice to obtain diet management recommendations based on indicators including BMI, body composition, and caloric intake.

The company also stated that starting in 2019, Samsung Food will be able to “recognize” food items and meals using a camera, display details about them, including nutrition facts, and suggest the best recipes to pair them with.


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