Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Students of Ayodhya, a religious city trapped in Ukraine, take refuge in Lord Rama for the return of children

Shirish Pathak, a resident of Pathakpur, Thana Pura Kalandar, Ayodhya, is trapped in Ukraine.

A student trapped in Ukraine, living in Babaua Pur village of Ayodhya, said that we have been informed by the Indian Embassy that you should not go anywhere without informing you that you will be evacuated soon.

As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is increasing, Indian students studying in Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine Crisis) are increasing.Indian Students in UkraineThe family members of the family are very worried. District Ayodhya (Ayodhya) are also studying MBBS living in Ukraine, seeing the increasing Russian landmines every hour, where the whole world is apprehensive of the fear of Third World War, while the families of these youths are worried for their children. And they are worshiping Lord Rama for the return of their children.

Suraj Tiwari, a resident of Maharajganj Babaua Pur village of Ayodhya’s Dharmanagari, has been studying medicine at Uzhhorod National University in Ukraine for the last 6 years. Sooraj while talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh said that the situation is changing, although we are at some distance from the war zone, but as soon as the alarm of danger is raised, we go to the bunkers. We have been informed by the Indian Embassy that you should not go anywhere without informing you that you will be evacuated soon. To rescue the Indian students trapped in Ukraine, first priority is being given to those students who are currently first year and second year students and the girls who are students are being given first preference by gradually increasing the final year students to Ukraine. A strategy has been made to take it to a safe place.

“Some such incidents happened which can never be forgotten”

Shirish Pathak, a resident of Sariyava entire Pathakpur under Police Station Pura Kalandar of Ayodhya district, is studying at Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University in Ukraine. The family of Shirish Pathak, who is a second year MBBS student, is deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine and is praying to God for the safe return of his child. Shirish Pathak while talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh told that the situation in Ukraine is changing very fast, some incidents have happened in front of the eyes which can never be forgotten, Pathak told that we have been informed that the special bus We will be taken to the Romania border and from there the students will be airlifted to India, Shirish Pathak said that all the students have been instructed that after hearing the sound of sirens, you have to reach us in the basement of the building immediately to a safe place. Shirish Pathak says that we hope that the Indian government will bring us back to our homeland very soon, we have full faith in the country’s leadership and Prime Minister Modi.

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Said- trust the Government of India, they will take us out

On the other hand, Subhash Verma is a resident of Hyderpur Post Jagdishpur Block Maya of Ayodhya district. The people are very upset, they have appealed to the Government of India and the State Government to bring their Lal to India safely. Subhash Verma is a student of MBBS third year Subhash Verma, while talking to TV9 Bharatvarsh, told that tomorrow 500 people from his university were sent a special bus. They were sent by Romania border but their name was not in the list of those 500 children, that is why they have been stopped there, Subhash told that we hope that soon the Indian government will get us out of here safely.


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