Ruhani Puri the makeup artist ruling Over Amritsar With Her Mind-Blowing Skills

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

If your mantra has been eating, sleeping, making up, and repeating then you are at the right place. Ruhani Puri, a professional makeup artist based out of Amritsar who is also a content creator and a coach has gained quite some popularity in the makeup industry. Even after becoming a pro in what she does her desire to never stop learning new things and become a better version of herself is what makes her unique and a true fit in the makeup world. Speaking of a background she pursued her bachelor‘s degree from Pearl Academy In Fashion media make-up studies And started her journey by later learning from the expert in the industry Mickey contractor who is also referred to as the “Makeup Guru of India”.

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After working hard she rose to fame by collaborating with many popular influencers singers and celebrities, with her desired skills she became a significant part of the industry in no time. Even if it looks like a cool & easy job it sure isn’t it takes a lot of practice and discovering new trends every now and then to become a pro. Her journey sure wasn’t easy but her faith in Waheguru Ji is what kept her moving. Recently she achieved a milestone By establishing her own makeup Academy and studio by the name “Makeup Academy by Ruhani Puri”

Ruhani Puri

Her luxury studio is based in Amritsar where she handles all her clients. Taking care of clients is her topmost priority she believes anybody who sits on a chair is a star and should be valued equally. She offers various makeup and hair styling services; bridal makeup, casual, party, and cover shoots. Her adoring nature is what keeps her clientele content.

As for other services, she helps her makeup enthusiast achieve their dreams by mentoring them to become industry-ready. Ruhani trains the students in-depth and involves real demonstrations and actual hands-on, something majority of makeup schools do not offer. These master courses that Ruhani provides really helps the student to refine their skills. During these workshops, she delivers video tutorials, live demos, practice sessions, Q&A, and more. Not just this, but you also get a certificate of completion from her Academy which can help makeup aficionados grow in the industry.

We’ve learned all about their optimistic nature and for her sharing her skills with other young girls who are wanting to enter the industry is not just about doing business and so her support doesn’t stop after the completion of these courses. She helps provide her students with cost, billing, inventory, facility, basic requirements, training of personnel, and even how to run accounts to venturing startups. Ruhani is definitely our first choice when it comes to developing exceptional makeup skills, what are you waiting for? Enroll in her classes now!

Ruhani also believes that her family has always been there as larger support especially her Father, Dr. Inderjeet Puri, also known as “Pharma King” and The Walking Medicinal Encyclopedia”. She believes her father has always inspired her through new ideas, innovations, and optimistic vision. She further added that her father has always taught her to be an open-hearted person to serve mankind. Dr.Puri has been an ardent follower of mystic Sufi ” Rumi”.

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