Rudrakaal Written Update: Chitra informs CM that Baldev is alive

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The episode begins with Chitra yelling. Let me go, she says. I work as an IAS officer. Prasant believes CM is astute and saved himself. Instead of coming here, he sent Chitra. Prasant believes Baldev could be in danger if the plan fails. Baldev claims that if the CM is anti-national, Chitra will back us up. Chitra is taken aback when she sees Baldev in front of her. Baldev claims that Chitra is needed in this country. Smita attempts to contact someone.

Ranjan is taken aback when he sees Sheena in the restaurant. He starts questioning him about where she lives and where her family lives. Anshu becomes irritated. Anshu was about to cut the cake when Ranjan called. Shastri expresses an interest in conducting an interview with him. Then Jagdish summons him. Ranjan hangs up the phone, and Anshu storms out without cutting the cake. Geetu asks Ranjan why he can’t turn off his phone for a while.

Jagdish becomes irritated and attempts to shoot Subbu, but Meera intervenes

According to Jagdish, he is already dead for India. He refuses to admit anything. It’s better for him to die. He holds Subbu at gunpoint before telling him that David offered him money to kidnap Baldev. They admit it was their drama. And Subbu was caught in their web. Jagdish inquires about David’s exact location.

Smita keeps a close eye on them. Sheena converses with Anshu. Anshu apologises to Sheena for making her day miserable. Sheena claims to understand. Anshu claims that his father is uninterested in me. Geetu disagrees with Ranjan. Sheena says Geetu can join them for dinner at the very least. She embraces Anshu. Ranjan notices them. Sheena visits Geetu. Ranjan apologises to Anshu. Finally, Anshu cuts the cake.

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Bhushan and Tawre check to see if anyone has entered. Tawre is confined to his room. In the meantime, Smita hits him and enters. She visits Subbu.

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