Roohi Suspects Armaan in Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode Update

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Written Update Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode Update Roohi Suspects Armaan

Roohi observes Armaan tying his shoe laces and recalls him asking Preesha for assistance in tying shoe laces. She believes everyone is aware of it; he is deceiving everyone by acting like a child; she should inform Rudra. Preesha notices Roohi and wonders what she is doing here. Roohi shows Armaan how to tie his shoelaces.

Preesha claims she taught Armaan how to tie his shoelaces the day before. Armaan claims that Roohi dislikes him and plays pranks on him, even tying his shoe laces together and making him fall. Roohi claims that her dirty Armaan uncle used a permanent marker to draw a moustache on her face. Preesha chastises them both.

Preesha expressed her happiness for Pihu

Roohi walks out, depressed. Saransh inquires as to where she was and reminds them of their plan to find out from Pihu what she told Preesha in court that Preesha did not meet Rudra and tell him the truth. They enter Pihu’s room and demand that she tell them what she told Preesha in the court building before Preesha left without meeting Rudra.

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Pihu believes that no one saw Preesha in court except Saransh, and that if she does not silence Saransh, everyone will question her. She claims Preesha simply expressed her happiness for Pihu and Rudra and then left. Saransh questions whether she is telling the truth.

Pihu says they can check with their mother. They both leave. Pihu hopes that the kids’ doubts do not bother her again.Saransh enters Rudra’s room and lies to him about having a parent-teacher meeting today, forcing Rudra to take a bath and get ready.

Rudra discovers a locked door and shoots to open it

He locks the bathroom door from the outside and then requests that Roohi bring Preesha there. Roohi informs Preesha that Pihu has summoned her and directs her to Rudra’s room. Rudra discovers a locked door and shoots to open it. Preesha notices him and opens the door. Rudra accuses him of locking the door on purpose. Preesha denies this. Saransh requests that Roohi bring Pihu here right away. Roohi tells Pihu that Rudra has summoned her to his room. The argument between Preesha and Rudra begins. He tries to flee but slips. He is holding her.

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