Rolls-Royce Unveils Droptail Roadster Prices at $30M

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

During Monterey Car Week, Rolls-Royce presented the Droptail, their most recent coachbuilt vehicle. A total of four highly customized Droptails will be created. The Droptail is marketed by Rolls-Royce as having two different natures. One is a roofless roadster or a coupe with a detachable hard top.

The mysterious Mystery paint on the 22-inch alloy wheels looks black from a distance yet has crimson undertones. Rolls-Royce sells a record 6,021 vehicles in 2022, surpassing previous sales records by 8% YoY growth. La Rose Noire, the original Droptail, is credited as drawing inspiration from the Black Baccara rose variety.

La Rose Noire Rolls Royce

Longtime customers of Rolls-Royce have been granted their demands for unique design components. Whether they be an embroidered falcon in the headliner or baby footprints in the dash trim. The company has recently increased its endeavor, moving from a “bespoke” level of uniqueness to a new level: “coachbuild.” The Sweptail, a two-door fastback that resembled the Wraith but was built on the Phantom, was the first Goodwood product to exercise those muscles. It was released in 2017.

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The Boat Tail, an almost roofless tapered-bodied coupe with butterfly doors over the baggage compartment and a sun umbrella that could be extended, followed. The Droptail, an open coupe with just two seats this time, is the next vehicle in the series of personalized “tails.”

droptail-rear-side low image

The scope of this project was larger than that of the earlier ones. The monocoque construction of the Droptail’s structure is stated as being constructed of steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

The vehicle is about 10 inches shorter than a Ghost. The doors and front fenders are made of steel as well as carbon fiber. The 6.7-liter V-12 engine in this vehicle now has 593 horsepower, a 30-horsepower increase from the Phantom’s base specification, and 620 pound-feet more torque.

droptail dash Rolls-Royce

The exterior’s colors which appear with dark red highlights are inspired by the Baccara Rose (Rolls-Royce)

During Car Week, The Quail hosts the introduction of the first of the four Droptail projects. Its name, La Rose Noire, is derived from a particular variety of roses that the commissioning owners enjoy.

A distinct black finish is also worn by the brightwork. For the first time, the upright components of the Rolls grille are slanted, and the lower air intake has 202 distinct rectangular projects as a three-dimensional spin on mesh.

Inside, a motif that resembles rose petals blown in the wind was crafted with 1603 pieces of black sycamore wood trim veneer. A mounted Audemars Piguet watch that was also specially made is removable and wearable. Additionally, there is a dedicated champagne storage area where champagne from the clients’ vineyard is kept (at the proper temperature). There are still three more Droptail commissions to come, each with its unique details.

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