Riverdale Season 6: Release Date, Plot, Cast And Every Information


Loves and secrets punctuate season 6 of Riverdale. So fans are eager to unravel some mysteries. Besides, does Jughead know about the story between Betty and Archie?

Riverdale is enjoying great success. For several years, fans of the series have followed the adventures of famous high school students.

So when season 5 was announced, so they were over the moon. Moreover, this new part has many surprises in store.

Indeed, viewers witnessed a voucher of 7 years into the future. The high school years are therefore very far behind them. Something to surprise everyone then.

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Even though the heroes have changed a lot, some things are not changing. Indeed, Betty, Jughead, Archie, and Veronica will face a new murder. Fans of suspense, therefore, seem delighted.

And for good reason, what would a season of Riverdale be without a new big bad? Indeed the fans love it.

A new enigma is therefore to be solved in season 5 of Riverdale. Besides, the fans are very intrigued. And for good reason, a question does not find an answer.


The famous heroes of Riverdale e are therefore reunited for this season 5. Thus, old secrets bother fans of the series.

Thus, they wonder if they could not explode in this new season. Indeed, Betty and Archie gave in to temptation. But will this story be revealed?

Indeed, love stories can quickly create tension within a group of friends. And for good reason, the stolen kiss between Archie and Betty at the end of high school disturbed all relationships.

So, Veronica had broken up with Archie. Indeed, the young man had confessed everything to the beautiful brunette.

Subsequently, Betty had a great deal of awareness in Riverdale. So she had decided to confess things to her boyfriend Jughead. Everything had changed between them then. Ouch!

A voucher of seven years in the past has therefore changed everything. Riverdale fans have found the characters. And the latter then evolved on a sentimental level.

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