Riverdale Season 6 Release Date, Cast And Will There Be Season 6 Of Riverdale?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

From the small town of Riverdale, there is no lack of murder, mysteries, relationship drama, and teen angst. Although the CW series has been made to air an early Season 4 finale on due of the current coronavirus pandemic (also called COVID-19), that compelled production to shut down, don’t worry, the center four would be returning for Season 5.

How many seasons of ‘Riverdale‘ will there be?

If you’re a fan of the play of Riverdale, you are in luck! The series was already been renewed for Season 5 and the principal cast is allegedly contracted until Season 7 with The CW.

During an interview with The Los Angeles Times, KJ Apa, who plays the critical role of Archie Andrews, revealed that he’s contracted to be on the show for another three decades.

The actor also confirmed his fellow major co-stars, which we could assume signifies Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes, are as well. Though production has been postponed for Season 5 due to the pandemic, KJ’s statement could mean that Riverdale will at least see a Season 7 and 6.

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There will be a time jump in Season 5 of ‘Riverdale’.

The show’s creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shown to Entertainment Tonight that the shadowy YA series includes a time leap plan set up for the show’s upcoming season.

“When we return in Season 5, we will have a very big puzzle to unravel and a lot of relationship stuff to type out,” he told the outlet. Due to Season 4 wrapping early, audiences did not have to observe the gang take part in quintessential activities such as graduation or prom.

The executive producer explained that rather than having a time leap in-between seasons, it is going to happen later in Season 5.

“You know the writers were meeting via Zoom and also the 1 thing we decided on is that rather than doing a time leap between Season 5 and 4, we thought that things like prom and things like graduation [are important],” he informed ET. “After spending four years using these figures in high school, you don’t wish to eliminate that.”

On the other hand, the showrunner didn’t reveal the exact timeframe we will see the figures post-jump. Therefore, it is still questionable if we’ll see a number of the center four throughout their college years, or possibly skip over those years and have the cast back in Riverdale.

As always, we guess that a major mystery or death will draw the team back to the “sleepy town”

“I believe we would like to drop you in the midst of something mad,” the series creator said. “It’s so funny, one of the things which I’ve been performing during the quarantine is seeing episodes of teen shows that have graduated from high school to stories following high school. […] Some of these go to college and some of them jump over college and type of pick up on the opposite side of it.”

In terms of Roberto, he’s leaning towards skipping the faculty years. “To me, the school was better than college,” he advised ET. “And since most our personalities are going to different schools, my instinct has been to leapfrog over four decades, and kind of pick up with everyone there.”

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