“Riverdale Season 5”: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Serious addicts attention! After the anticipated end of the fourth season and suffering several stoppages due to Covid 19, Season 5 of Riverdale already has a premiere date on CW (USA) and in Spain. We tell you everything we know so far… Keep reading.

Riverdale Season 5 Release Date

” Riverdale ” ended its fourth season earlier than expected, in chapter 19 instead of 22. The remaining three chapters will be part of the fifth season that officially returns, another year, full of mystery, love and much drama. The CW network officially announced its 2021 schedule and confirmed that the series will premiere its season on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at its usual time. In Spain we will be able to see it on Thursday, January 21, dubbed into Spanish, in Movistar Series .

How Season 4 ended

Director Mr. Honey threatens to cancel the prom whereupon the Riverdale boys plan how to get rid of him. We will see two different but parallel forms within the plot: The first is within the twisted story that Jughead has to write for the University of Iowa after learning of his admission, and the second is what the group really does.

In the story created by Jug , Archie and the group decide to kidnap the director and play a joke on him but it gets out of hand and they end up killing him and burying the corpse in the forest. Reggie can not with the feeling of guilt and before telling the truth at school, Jughead, Betty and Archie decide to kill him too, locking the brakes of his car and causing him to have an accident.

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Riverdale Season 5 Cast

In real life, after threatening Principal Honey not to cancel, Betty discovers that for years, the principal had canceled the dance at every school she had attended. He doesn’t want the same thing to happen in Riverdale so they play a prank on him by putting glue on his office chair and phone.

But Honey, instead of reconsidering and letting the students celebrate their prom, shoots a home video similar to those of the voyeur to prevent the event from taking place. Betty, Jughead and Charles eventually discover him and get him fired, although Honey already has a new job at Stonewall, Jughead’s old school .

Riverdale Season 5 Story

When the principal leaves school, the secretary tells them that Honey had been the best principal they had ever had and that she had also written a letter of recommendation to the University of Iowa to admit Jughead. At that moment Jug decides to change his story and instead of letting him die, they call 911 and save him.

At the end of the chapter, Jughead and Betty receive another video. In the clip, Veronica’s mother is seen killing Sheriff Minetta; Betty and Jughead in the cabin surrounded by pizza boxes and beer bottles and a group of people in masks that look like Archie, Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Cheryl and Reggie stabbing Mr. Honey.

What awaits us in Season 5

The filming of Season 5 began in August 2020 and in September they shared the first image of the season … Archie in a sauna.

Season 5 of ‘Riverdale’ will incorporate the remaining 3 chapters of season 4 and the long-awaited prom, but from then on nothing will be as before.

There will be a jump in time, specifically, of seven years that will bring us new characters. Life will change for our established couples: Jessica will be Jughead’s new girlfriend ; Chad Gekko will be Veronica’s husband ; Tabitha Tate , Pop Tate’s granddaughter, will turn Pop’s into a franchise;

Who will return for Season 5

Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Madelaine Petsch, Mark Consuelos and Vanessa Morgan will return for season five. It is hoped that Charles Melton (Reggie Mantle) and Casey Cott ( Kevin Keller ) also return.

Marisol Nichols ( Hermione Lodge ) had planned to leave the series after the end of season 4, but in an interview with Access Hollywood, Marisol said: « I had a very long conversation with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, our creator and showrunner and I am very proud to announce that Hermione will not only return for the fifth season, but will return stronger and better than ever .

Skeet Ulrich will not return in Season 5. However, the door has been left open for his character, FP Jones , to return. Molly Ringwald, Martin Cummins, Nathalie Boltt and Robin Givens will be guest characters.

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