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‘Riverdale’ Gets Renewed for Season 6: Here’s Is Everything We Know So Far

Archie and the team only keep coming out to get much more in defiance of their serial murderers, cult leaders, and cinematographers bent on destroying lives in Riverdale.

Season 5 started on the CW, so what about Season 6 of Riverdale? Is your gang returning for another round? Here is what we know about the future of this series, using an immense focus on the future whatsoever.

The Season 6 Premiere Date

Since season 5 did not premiere until 2021 thanks to the continuing coronavirus pandemic, there is at least a year before enthusiasts will probably see the season. No official release date was declared, but 2022 is a safe bet for the time being.

Season 6 Cast

Considering that the sixth time was just declared, no projecting information was released just yet. However if everything goes to plan the whole Riverdale gang will come back to the murder capital of the world.

Stay tuned, however, because using all the show’s classic turns and twists, you don’t know who may wind up dead.

Season 6 Plot

Considering there is still a lot of season 5 abandoned, the storyline remains up in the air for the time being. However, with the seven-year time leap, there is so much to research, and we can not wait!

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