‘Riverdale’: Archie and Betty? or Archie and Veronica? This will be the relationship with both according to KJ Apa

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

With absolute expectation pending that time jump that has been so much talked about in recent months, Riverdale season 5 has finally seen the light on CW, its original network and responsible for its broadcast on the other side of the pond. which will broadcast a new premiere episode every Thursday until the 19 that make up the fifth installment of the hit fiction are completed.

If you’ve gotten this far without having seen ‘Climax’ (5×01), you’d better stop reading now. If not, you will be interested to know what KJ Apa , the undisputed protagonist of the series and in charge of playing Archie Andrews, has to say about the young man’s relationship with both Betty ( Lili Reinhart ) and Veronica ( Camila Mendes ), with whom has established a kind of love triangle that you really do not know where it will turn out.

Prom had to have been a night to remember. However, Archie and Veronica will remember it sadly after the boy confessed that he had shared a moment with Betty and that they had kissed. Thus, Veronica ended up with a broken heart and the couple decided to go their separate ways. What can we expect from the future of the protagonist with both? Will any of them end up becoming the woman of his life? KJ Apa will not reveal in the end, but one thing is clear: Archie and Veronica is much more than love and trusts that the friendship between them, at least, can last in time.

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I have the feeling that they are always going to have that special connection that they have had. That one thing is not going to exterminate the rest of the history they have had

However, the actor is also clear that the matter will take its toll on Hiram: “When [Hiram] finds out about this, he does not take it lightly. We will leave it there.” Likewise, the interpreter has also talked about his relationship with Betty, remembering that it was she who decided to move on from Archie. Do you still have feelings for her? “Who knows?”, He also asks “It has always been a tug of war.”

“With Betty and Veronica I feel that, on the one hand, it is that best friend with whom he has had a great friendship throughout his life and they have always been neighbors, and that then there is another completely new girl who came to town and from the one he fell in love with, “Apa recalls.

Who knows? Maybe Betty is the girl Archie is meant to be with. We’ll find out much more, as the actor points out, in upcoming episodes. The fifth season of Riverdale has only just begun …

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