Rishita Accuses Shweta in Pandya Store Written Episode Update

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Pandya Store Written Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Shiva questioning Dev about Raavi. Dev says you can call her if you didn’t message her and ask her. Krish praises Shweta. They both smile. He claims that one thing is less. He draws the kajal on her neck. Gautam, Shiva, and Dev perform a dance. Dhara and Rishita are also present. Krish and Shweta applaud. Raavi arrives. Krish inquires as to how you became late. She says I’ve arrived. She believes Shiva has abandoned me and is dancing here as if I am not present. Shiva believes Arnav would have come here to abandon her. She believes he should approach me once. He believes you took away my right to ask. Shweta understands Deven’s message. She dances and then walks away.


The moment when Shweta becomes concerned in Pandya Store

Rishita and Dhara are on the lookout for Shweta. Rishita says she’s gone, so come before she steals the jewelry. Dhara instructs Raavi to handle everything until they return. Deven notices Rishita and conceals Shweta. He says, “Look there, they’re looking for you.” Shweta comes across Rishita and Dhara. She is concerned. She claims I saw real jewelry in Suman’s room. Dev inquires about Rishita’s whereabouts. Raavi claims that they would have gone to meet Chiku, but she is here to dance. Suman wonders why Dhara stopped her; they both vanished together.

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Suman blesses them as well. Gautam inquires of Raavi about Rishita and Dhara. Raavi claims they would have visited Chiku and Chutki. He compliments Krish on his dancing ability. Suman hopes that nothing bad happens. Dhara claims that wearing fake jewellery is wrong and that we are harming Krish. Rishita says it’s better than hurting him forever, and I’ll make it clear that Shweta will have the jewellery. Suman’s bag is noticed by Deven.
Rishita pauses the song and yells. She claims that this marriage cannot take place because Shweta comes from a wealthy family and is stealing our money and jewellery. Shweta is described as a thief and a fraud by her. She claims that she will not allow your marriage to take place with Krish. Krish wonders why she would do something like this.

Shweta believes Deven has trapped me and has fled. Rishita says you have the jewellery in this bag; I’ll open it and reveal the truth. Shweta tearfully takes the bag from her. She claims that happiness does not exist in her life. Raavi begs Rishita to stop and allow Krish’s marriage to take place. Krish requests that Dhara explain Rishita. Dhara assures her that everything will be fine. Rishita tells everyone to quiet down, including Shweta… You can’t impress me with these movie dialogues; if this bag doesn’t open today, I’m leaving.

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