Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein : The upcoming Twist

The upcoming twist

The forthcoming episode of the well-liked Star Plus series Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, abbreviated GHKKPM, will have tremendous drama and intriguing plot twists. Sai decodes to accompany Savi to Shimla since she doesn’t want Virat to continually injure Savi. Usha Maushi, however, makes an effort to convince Sai that her course of action is incorrect. As Pakhi approaches Sai, she begs him to accompany her to Nagpur so they may heal Vinayak. Lets see what next in  Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein when-

Virat enters Vinayak’s cabin at the beginning of the episode and attempts to cheer him up. He talks about their trip to another country and promises that they will have a great time there. While Vinayak looks at him with a smile, he gestures his excitement. Pakhi enters the cabin at that point and shows Vinayak her affection. While he becomes silent, she forces him to consume the modak. If he’s okay, why does she ask that? In response, he remembers the day when Savi made modak especially for him. When he thinks of Savi, he gets upset, and Pakhi worries about him.

What happens in between Pakhi and Virat

Ghum Hai KIsi Ke Pyar Mein


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In this instance, Pakhi also serves the modak to Virat, who consumes it with gusto. She remains mute and adds that all she wants  for her prayers for Vinayak. To be answered as he informs about travelling abroad for Vinayak’s medical care. She expresses her concern for her kid and prays for his recovery.

Outside Vinayak’s cabin, Ashwini and Ninad were seated together as the latter speaks with her husband. She begs him to adjust his attitude since she recognizes his sorrow at possessing to transfer family members to another country but insists that it is important. She promises that as soon as the therapy  finished, Virat would return together with Vinayak and Pakhi.

Sai declines, claiming that if she travels to Nagpur Virat and the Chavans would cause a fuss. More importantly, Savi  get injured once more. Pakhi informs Sai that her son is suffering as a result of her and Virat’s personal issues.

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