Raju Shrivastava not responding to treatment, says hospital sources

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Indian comedian, actor, and politician, Raju Shrivasatva who we all know by Gajodhar, collapsed on the 10th of Aug due to a major cardiac arrest, in the middle of his workout and is currently admitted to AIIMS, Delhi.

According to the sources, he is still not responding too well to the treatment. His health condition is very critical and he is still on the ventilator for the past few days. Moreover, doctors haven’t been able to give any proper updates regards to his health, yet. The severity of the cardiac arrest has impacted the brain due to which the brain is not functioning that well. This has formed a matter of severe concern to the doctors. Every minute and every moment is very crucial and critical.

This attack came as a great shock to the family members, especially after seeing how cautious he has always been of his health. Family members claimed him to be very fit and health conscious. Whereas the doctors were shocked to find blockages in his heart.

During an interaction with the media, the doctor mentioned how they’ve seen an increase in the cases of lung-related issues, especially in the age group of 20-40, post-pandemic. There has been a significant increase in cardiac issues since covid and this, therefore, calls for more periodic check-ups, among every age group, he added. Not just periodic check-ups but people should now be more conscious about their physical wellness, keep a constant on their cholesterol level and have a proper balanced diet. They are not certain about the underlying cause of this sudden increase but the alleged guess is the pandemic among the doctors. Doctors also mentioned that Raju was infected with covid at one point.

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Prashant, brother-in-law of Raju’s brother, Kaju Shrivastava informed that all family members are present at AIIMS and his health is still the same with no signs of improvement. Raju’s family members visited Gurudwara in the morning to pray for his health. Prashant mentions how he’s a guardian to everyone in the family.

Everyone in the country, from family to colleagues to fans standing outside of AIIMS, is praying for the betterment of his health.

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