Queen Of The South Season 5 Release Date: Will a New Season Air In 2021?

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Queen of the South is a crime drama television show, based on the Spanish language novel titled La Reina del Sur by writer Arturo Perez-Reverte. The series has had four seasons atmosphere on USA Network. All four seasons till today have had thirteen episodes each, airing between June and September of each year, since 2016. Queen of the South is created by M.A. Fortin and Joshua John Miller. It stars Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, the titular character; the queen of the southwest. It follows her story as she comes from a poor village in Mexico and becomes a rich, powerful woman who controls a huge drug empire.

The fourth season of Queen of the South led in 2019, the last episode of which aired on August 29, 2019. The series was revived for a fifth season on the same day.

Creator Reveals Release Date for Season 5

It is not a secret that Peter Gadiot, Alice Braga, and Hemky Madera are all back to places shooting Queen of the South Season 5. The cast and the team have been sharing pictures of the set and how they’ve been following the coronavirus guidelines on their social websites. As 2020 finished, the EP of Queen of the South, David T. Friendly updated all of the fans with some news regarding the upcoming season of the show. He states that the year has been dreadful, they must give fans some good news.

Favorable revealed some details about how much they have completed the shooting in addition to how many episodes audiences will get to enjoy in the upcoming season. He states they are halfway through shooting Queen of South Season 5. Continuing, he states that their group has made enormous sacrifices, and also the little luck they have had, they will bring approximately ten episodes which will release in 2021.

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Queen Of The South Season 5

The Story So Far

Queen of the South follows the life span of Teresa because she takes on the role of a drug lord to avenge the death of her drug-peddling boyfriend who had been killed by a cartel boss.

Season 4 reasoned in a high tension position between the direct Teresa along with the Russian mob. This will likely be carried forward in the upcoming Queen of The South Season 5. Another point of attention from the new season will be the yield of James. Where had he disappeared? Why did he return in such a bloodied and battered condition? All of these are questions that fans hope will be answered in Queen Of The South 5.

Peter Gadiot who plays the part of James Valdez shared his transformation back to the personality on his Instagram. However perceptive fans quickly noted that the hashtag #onelasttime in the caption wondering if it is some sort of foreshadowing.

Kostya is coming to season 5

Remember when Oksana mentioned her uncle Kostya? She talked about how callous he is, but Teresa nonetheless wished to connect directly with him. Well, fans will be able to meet him also in this upcoming season as he is the big bad coming to the city.

Deadline described the Russian crime boss as”barbarous, calculating and extremely dangerous, he is a man who watches his environment with freezing intensity. An underworld oligarch and a war criminal, an enemy of the country, funneling billions in the Cold War Redux, he’s wanted by the CIA. However, he’s been a ghost — and so much — he has been ”

Season 5 of Queen of the South is currently wrapping up production and according to photographs from the set, it makes one wonder if this is going to be the last walk for Teresa. She wears her signature suit in many of the frames, and it is believed that is what she is wearing when she’s shot in the long run.

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