Pritam Dutt: Self- Made Film Director, Editor, Screenwriter and Producer

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Pritam Dutt is a self-made Indian film Director, Editor, Screenwriter and Producer famous for his work in Hindi and Punjabi cinema. Pritam is popular for the films ‘Teer Wala Baba’, ‘Limtan’, and ‘Goli Aarsh Benipal’. Pritam has also created the music videos, ‘Kabbadi, ‘Putt Tractor’, ‘Anthem’, and ‘Dug Dug’.

Born on 10 February 1997 in Phagwara, a city in the Kapurthala district of Punjab to Mr Anil Dutt his father and Mrs Rajni Dutt his mother, belongs to a very middle-class family. Pritam also has a younger brother named Prem Dutt.
Pritam went to Arya Public High School in Philaur and later on to Mittal Institute in Chandigarh to complete a Diploma in Composting and Editing.

After completing his studies, Pritam went to Chandigarh to begin his career in films and music videos. When he released ‘Goli Aarsh Benipal’ and ‘Putt Tractor’ these two films became his most hit videos out of all.

Till now Pritam has directed about 40 Punjabi films and over 179 Projects as an Editor. He has also completed over 16 projects as a music video director. He is also currently working on new music videos.

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Pritam have done many projects with Big Record labels and Film Production The view of those projects is more than 1M.

Pritam’s favourite motivational quote is “As the plant is grown by giving water Similarly, dreams are fulfilled with hard work”. Pritam encourages people by saying that life has up and downs but never give up in between achieving something and that dreams do come true. Pritam has really worked hard to get where he is now.

His hard work and passion have also gained him a good amount of followers on social media. He has around 5.5 K followers on Instagram and also has a decent number of subscribers on YouTube i.e., around 1.9 k and has received more than 335 K views on music videos created by him.

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