Prakash Raj: The actor got trapped after giving a controversial statement on ‘Chandryan 3’


Prakash Raj is one of the finest actors in Hindi cinema. He is very active on social media and is also known for his outspoken statements. Recently, a tweet by Prakash Raj on social media’s popular ‘platform’ X is becoming increasingly viral. The actor is badly stuck regarding this tweet and he is facing criticism. Actually making fun of Chandrayaan 3 has become heavy for the actor.

Prakash Raj shared the picture

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Let us tell you that while people across the country are feeling proud about Chandrayaan 3, some people are making fun of it. Prakash Raj’s name is included in this. Actually, Prakash Raj has written in his post that see the first glimpse of Chandrayaan-3. Along with this post, the actor has also shared a funny picture about the Moon mission, after which people could not control their emotions.

what did the trolls say

One person even told the actor that by doing this you are not insulting any particular party, but the entire nation. , On the other hand, the other person said, there is a world of difference between hating a person and hating one’s country. Sorry to see your condition. Another troll said, “You have stooped so low… Shame on you to be a countryman… I am proud of ISRO… Jai Hind.”

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that Prakash Raj has made such a controversial tweet. Even before this, many times actors keep making controversial statements about politicians and actors politically and personally, for which they often have to face trolls.

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