Pollution: Delhi School shuts down for 2 days

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Delhi schools are closed due to severe air pollution; MCD schools will hold online sessions The city’s pollution has reached extreme levels. All government and private elementary schools in Delhi will be closed for two days, November 3 and 4. The decision was made as pollution levels crossed into the “severe” category for the first time this season.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi recently stated that physical classes in its schools will take a halt in favor of online classes. At least 18 of Delhi’s 37 monitoring sites registered AQI levels in the “severe” range.

The chief minister declared in a post on X (previously Twitter) that “due to rising pollution levels. All govt and private elementary schools in Delhi will stay closed for the next two days.”

Physical classes in schools will be suspended dated Nov 3 and 4

In a separate announcement, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) declared that physical classes in its schools would be suspended. Dated today and tomorrow. November 3rd and 4th, and provisions for online classes will be investigated.

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“On November 3 and 4, courses will be offered online in all MCD and MCD-aided schools in accordance with the Commission for the Management of Air Quality in the National Capital Region and Adjacent Areas’ order.” Schools, however, will stay open for teachers and staff,” the civic authority stated. According to reports, at least 18 of Delhi’s 37 monitoring sites recorded ‘severe’ air quality.

Children are at risk of developing irreparable lung damage, and city inhabitants suffer a reduced life expectancy of up to 12 years. As a result of extended exposure to hazardous air. Hospitals are seeing an increase in respiratory illnesses, advising locals to wear masks and stay indoors.

Delhi is undoubtedly dealing with an ongoing air pollution challenge. The need for collective action and harsh measures is becoming increasingly clear. While the government has taken some steps, tackling this issue requires a comprehensive approach involving neighboring states. Including rigorous laws, and creative pollution-reduction strategies. The health and well-being of Delhi inhabitants are dependent on rapid and effective action to tackle the harmful air quality that has long been a problem.

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