Delhi Remains Submerged and Yamuna River Recedes

Suhana Parvin
Suhana Parvin
Delhi Remains Submerged and Yamuna River Recedes

The catastrophic flood situation in Delhi continues to wreak havoc as the great Yamuna River gradually recedes. Revealing the devastating aftermath it has caused. Recent reports indicate that the water level of the Yamuna reached a staggering 206.02 meters at 8 am on July 16. Coming dangerously close to the designated danger level of 205.33 meters. Although there is hope that the water level will soon fall below the danger mark. Providing some respite, the current state of affairs for the residents of the capital city remains grim and harrowing.

Delhi Gripped by Horror as Floodwaters Engulf Landmarks and Homes

As the flood continues to wreak havoc, government officials have opened 44 relief camps around Delhi. With approximately fifty percent of them located in buildings. Sadly, this has forced a staggering number of 25,478 people to leave their homes and seek refuge in these camps. Since July 15, when sources reported that 22,803 people were already being sheltered in these emergency facilities, the number has dramatically risen. The scale of displacement serves as a sobering reminder of the tremendous scope of the disaster.

Authorities Struggle to Manage Flood Situation

The floodwaters have cruelly submerged several areas of Delhi, transforming bustling avenues into spooky and unrecognizable waterways. Formerly vibrant neighborhoods such as ITO, Mayur Vihar, and Red Fort now lie submerged beneath the murky depths, serving as ominous symbols of the city’s ongoing struggle against nature’s wrath.

The environment is still dangerous and unexpected. Data from the Central Water Commission (CWC) show that the Yamuna River’s water level remained disturbingly high at 1 PM. At about 208.29 meters. According to Atishi, Minister of Public Works Department (PWD), despite a 0.1 meter fall in water level. It will take another day for everything to return to normal.

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To put an end to this disastrous disaster, government agencies are working nonstop. In order to handle the water situation and assure people of the security of the ongoing Kawariya religious procession, the Delhi Police have deployed a sizable force of 4,500 personnel throughout the city. Numerous dangerously flooded and inaccessible locations continue to exist despite their best efforts. At the Old Railway Bridge (ORB), the water level measured 208.40 meters at 9 am and 208.38 meters at 10 am.

The floodwaters wreaked havoc on vital city infrastructure. Causing extensive damage across almost every corner of the metropolis. The regulators of the Delhi Irrigation and Flood Control Department, responsible for managing water levels, suffered severe damage near Indraprastha. Resulting in the flooding of areas like ITO and Rajghat. Even the revered Supreme Court, situated in the Tilak Marg area, was not spared from the effects of this calamity. Water infiltrated the premises, contributing to the city’s pervasive sense of unease.

Compounding Crisis in Delhi

The circumstances have compelled the administration to take unusual action. Heavy goods vehicles have been rigorously restricted from entering the city, with the exception of those transporting necessities. The famous Red Fort, which is under the management of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), has sealed its ancient gates in reaction to the impending threat.

The grim weather outlook continues, with the Meteorological Department predicting a chance of light rain or thundershowers. Adding to the misery. The hardship for the already traumatized people will only become worse as the maximum and minimum temperatures are predicted to be about 35 and 26 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Crack Appears in Alipur Dam

The Alipur dam near the Ghaziabad-Baghpat border has developed a worrying break. Which has caused additional flooding in the Loni area and increased the anxiety already present.

Delhi’s population’s fortitude and strength are being put to the test like never before as it deals with this disastrous flood scenario. The road to recovery appears difficult, but with coordinated efforts and unyielding resolve, the city will recover and rebuild.

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