Percy Jackson: Rick Riordan Gives Details Of The New Adaptation

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Writer Rick Riordan confirms that the first scripts for Percy Jackson’s new Disney + adaptation have been completed.

Disney took the rights to the Percy Jackson books and released its first film in this universe in 2010. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief got enough support to greenlight a second installment. But the Sea of Monsters did not win over the critics or the public. For years, Disney put the literary saga aside, although it still had the rights. For their part, fans of the franchise made a great campaign on social networks for the studio to give it a new opportunity. And so it will be. The company will develop an exclusive series for Disney + of Percy Jackson and the author offers new details.

Rick Riordan confirms that he continues to participate in the scripts of the Percy Jackson series and that this week will be very important. Riordan reveals that, during this week, the scriptwriters will have meetings with the senior officials of the studio, whom they will have to convince to continue pre-production. The writer assures in his blog that the pilot episode has managed to convince many. In addition, he is excited about the new step that his literary saga is going to take.

“We have a couple of important meetings this week with the upper echelons of the studio for the Percy Jackson series, so keep your fingers crossed. Everyone who has read it loves the episode. But there will be a few additional tweaks we need to make before we ship it to its newest stop: the top executives at Disney +. That is normal. In screenwriting, as in any type of writing, you can expect to do many, many drafts. But all the contributions have been positive and have helped. Everyone wants to create the best series we can. I am still excited and quite optimistic that we can start a first-class project. As always, good things take time and patience. ”

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It’s no wonder Rick Riordan is so excited to be able to work closely on the new Percy Jackson adaptation. The writer has repeatedly expressed his dislike of movies starring Logan Lerman. Riordan came to assure on Twitter that he had not seen them, but that he had read the scripts and they were a “disaster “. The writer commented that the study went against him and changed things in the story without his permission.

“I haven’t seen the movies yet and I never plan to. I judge them for having read the scripts because what matters most to me is the story. I have nothing against talented actors. It is not your fault. I’m sorry you were dragged into that mess.

Now, Rick Riordan has a chance to redeem his Percy Jackson for a new audience. Also, to give his fans the adaptation they were waiting for. Once the executives give the go-ahead to the first scripts, the series can go into production. But there is still time to see what the new Disney + series is up to.

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