Paul Bettany Sure Of His Dismissal Before Signing For Wandavision

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Before the announcement of Scarlet Witch and Vision, actor Paul Bettany was sure that Kevin Feige would fire him from Marvel.

Today the first season of Scarlet Witch and Vision premieres exclusively on Disney +. The series also serves to officially start Phase 4 of Marvel. The series brings back Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, after their last appearances in Infinity War and Endgame respectively. The last time we saw Vision in the MCU was when Thanos ripped the gem from his mind. So at the moment it is unknown how the character resurrects in Scarlet Witch and Vision.

Paul Bettany was also not part of the famous moment of Endgam and in which the portals open and all the characters of the MCU appear. But he explains in an interview with Jake’s Takes that Kevin Feige explained why. So knowing that I was going to star in a studio series relieved the envy of not being part of that moment.

“It would have bothered me a lot, but by that time I already knew why. And we spent a year recording the reason. Kevin explained it to me and at that moment I thought, “It’s hard to argue with that logic. He is very intelligent and has good instincts. So I trusted him. ” 

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A few weeks ago, Paul Bettany commented that he was not clear what his future would be in the MCU after the Scarlet Witch and Vision. The actor said that anything could happen and that, especially in this format, many things could be done with the character. He also clarifies that he likes to play Vision and that he is willing to appear in any project.

A new opportunity in the MCU

After Vision’s death in Infinity War, Paul Bettany’s contract hung by a thread. So he was sure he was going to be fired at any moment. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paul Bettany explains how it was the meeting with Kevin Feige that gave him a new opportunity at Marvel Studios.

“My contract was up and then I got a call from Kevin Feige saying ‘Can you come to my office?’ And when the boss calls you saying go to his office and your contract has expired, you know what will happen. So I looked at my wife Jennifer [Connelly] and said ‘I’m going’.

“So I went and I didn’t want anything to be uncomfortable between us because it had been a great experience. I came in and said ‘Kevin, Louis [D’Esposito], I love you. I fully understand it. It has been a great experience. There is no reproach. ‘ And Kevin said, ‘Why are you quitting?’ And I said, ‘No, aren’t you the one who’s going to fire me?’ Then Kevin replied ‘No, we want to introduce you to the idea for a television series. And I answered ‘Yes, I sign up’ So this is how it happened. I’m always thinking I’m going to get fired. I have spent my life thinking that I am on the verge of dismissal ”.

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