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Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Parineeti asks Tai Ji to grant her full ownership of this home at the beginning of the episode. She desires to be content here. Where will she depart from, Tai Ji inquires. She is informed by Parineet that she hasn’t made up her mind yet. But Pariminder’s blessings will follow her wherever she goes. She is told by Tai Ji that she would always have her blessings. Neeti is asked by Sanju why she appears anxious in the meanwhile. Neeti admits that she was concerned for Parineet. She made the sudden decision to go. She is aware that Rajeev intimidated her into accompanying him. She questioned how he returned, He got off the train. Rajeev is a greedy guy, Neeti tells him.

He will go to great lengths to satisfy his ego. He is playing her for a fool. Rajeev was defamed by her. Hearing that hurts him, so he urges her to relax. She shouldn’t be under so much pressure. Neeti informs him that she shares Parineet’s dilemma. She is unable to focus intently on her affairs. He promises to let Parineet go and begs her to go home. He was thanked by Neeti. Parineeti awoke while traveling. She is stopped by Rajeev, who promises to deliver her home. She has now permanently abandoned him after he had already done so. Our paths and aspirations have now diverged. She learns from Rajeev that he acknowledged his error. A mistake was made, Parineet continues. It is unnecessary to talk about it or fret over it. She begs him to put their history behind them. She does not wish to ruin her friend’s joy. Our lives began with a misstep. He was now perplexed about everything. If they begin their lives with love, it will endure for a very long time, but if they begin it with falsehoods, they will fall apart.

Their lives have been completely destroyed. She desires to see the happiness of her buddy. For her pal, she is leaving her spouse. At the very least, he shouldn’t hurt her. If Neeti left him, he wouldn’t be able to handle the grief. Asking Parineet is Rajeev. She still loves him, doesn’t she? His heartfelt hug comes with a declaration of love from Parineet. Rajeev begs her not to leave him and leave anywhere. Parineeti gives him a nod. In her fantasies, Parineet sees herself dancing in the rain with Rajeev. She understood that she had dreamed of telling him she loved him.

Parineeti offers him her wedding band after removing it. She continues by saying that following his betrayal of her, she has lost all faith in him. She no longer had any affection for him at all. She asks him to keep Neeti content. He promises to make her happy no matter what. He offers him a nuptial chain and begs her not to go. Parineeti informs him that she fulfilled her long-held desire by giving it to him. She is departing so they may be happy and have a family. He requests that she not tell Neeti about this occurrence. He requests that she take care. When he sees the wedding chain, Rajeev becomes emotional.

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While reflecting on her history, Parineet leaves the area. She halts outside a shrine. Rajeev returns to his room in the meantime. Neeti queries what transpired. Will she depart? He gave her a nod. Neeti aids him in blow-drying his hair. With him, she tries to be romantic. When he becomes uneasy with her, he lets her know that he needs to change his clothing. He is informed by Neeti that she is in a good mood. He ought not to have fled from her. Neeti informed him that the moment the power went off was ideal timing. To set a romantic tone, she closes the door and lights the candles. He and her dance. When Rajeev sees Neeti’s wedding band, he becomes worried. From there, he departs to get dressed.

Neeti believes he was romantically involved with her in the past. When she attempts to be amorous with him, he ignores her. Parineeti becomes upset as she considers her history in the meantime. She made the decision to return to Barnala and tell everyone the truth. She merely resides there.




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