Oppo Enco X: New update announced

Abhisekh Mishra
Abhisekh Mishra

Oppo will issue a software update for its Enco X, Enco Air, and Enco Play true wireless stereo (TWS) headphones in December, bringing with it features previously only available on the Enco Free 2 and Enco Free 2i. One of the most notable enhancements is the Double-Tap Camera Control function, which allows users to take photos or record movies simply by double-tapping the headphones. The Oppo Enco Free 2 will also receive a new software update that will enable dual-connection, allowing you to connect the earbuds to two smartphones at once.

Oppo Enco X: Update

The Double-Tap Camera Control function, which was initially launched on the Enco Free 2 earlier this year, will be available on the Enco X, Enco Air, and Enco Play. Users can record films, take a group shot, or shoot a selfie by double-pressing the earbuds. Double-Tap Camera Control is an Oppo feature that is only accessible on ColorOS 11.3 devices. Before employing gesture control, users must first open their phone’s default camera app.

According to Weibo, the software update for the Oppo Enco X, Enco Air, Enco Play, and Enco Free 2 will be released in China on December 1. It may, however, take some time to reach people all across the world. The Personalised Sound Boost function will be accessible on the Oppo Enco X earbuds, which were previously only available on the Enco Free 2. It uses a software algorithm to modify the music playing based on the sensitivity of your ears. The Sound Boost feature will only work with phones that have ColorOS, Android 6.0 and later, and iOS. Users who do not have the abovementioned OS and skin need to install the HeyTap app to experience this feature.

The Oppo Enco X TWS earphones have a 10-meter range and a Bluetooth 5.2 connection. Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth Transmission is available on Android and iOS smartphones, allowing users to use only one bud at a time and store the other in the case or share them with another person. Few users who tested the updates of Enco X besides the Oppo Find X2 had no issues with connectivity while streaming music on the 2020 flagship. Even when they moved around the room and to a different story of the house, the earbuds were able to maintain a connection with the device. The update will hopefully solve all the persistent woes of the Enco Buds users.

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