Online Faculty Development Programme “ReFOCUS 2023” Explores Research & Funding Opportunities in Computer Science

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Online Faculty Development Programme "ReFOCUS 2023" Explores Research & Funding Opportunities in Computer Science

Chennai, India – In a remarkable showcase of cutting-edge knowledge and innovation, the Centre for Cyber Physical System, Network Security Research Group, and the School of Computer Science & Engineering at VIT Chennai, India recently concluded a five-day Online Faculty Development Programme (FDP) titled “ReFOCUS 2023.” Running from September 11, 2023, to September 15, 2023, the event provided a comprehensive exploration of Research and Funding Opportunities in Computer Science, attracting an array of academic professionals, research scholars, and industry experts from across the globe.

The FDP, organized against the backdrop of an increasingly data-driven world, emphasized the pivotal role computer science plays in sifting through vast data oceans to unearth knowledge that informs businesses’ critical decisions. Attendees were treated to insightful discussions on topics such as Data Analytics, Image and Computer Vision, Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Network and Security.

Distinguished researchers and industry experts graced the virtual stage, sharing their invaluable insights. Dr. S. Muthurajkumar, Associate Professor at MIT Campus, Anna University, Chennai, led the discussions on “Research Opportunities in Cloud,” shedding light on the burgeoning possibilities in cloud computing. Dr. Thangavel Murugan from the United Arab Emirates University, UAE, delved into the fascinating realm of “Research in Cybersecurity Domain,” providing critical insights into securing digital landscapes.

Industry experts also left an indelible mark on the FDP. Mr. Hemanth Murali, a Software Engineer at Meta Platforms, U.S.A., took the audience on a journey of “Unlocking the Power of Conversational AI.” He elucidated how conversational AI, including ChatGPT, is revolutionizing human-computer interactions, offering profound opportunities for business growth. Meanwhile, Mr. Karthik R V shared his perspectives on “Industry Perspective Data Analysis,” providing attendees with a pragmatic view of data-driven decision-making in various sectors.

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Other individuals who presented at the event included esteemed professionals such as Dr. A. Kannan, Dr. Muthumanikandan V., Dr. Vaidehi Vijayakumar, Dr. Rajakumar, Dr. Krishna Kumar Mohbey, Dr. S. Ganapathy, Dr. Sibi Chakravarthy, Dr. Preeth, Dr. S. Geetha, Dr. P. Shunmuga Perumal, Dr. Kalaipriyan, Dr. Renuka Devi R, Mr. Karthik R V, Dr. S. Ganapathy, Dr. Kasi Marimuthu, Dr. Thangavel Murugan, and Dr. R. Elakkiya.

The event’s coordination was overseen by Dr. Muthumanikandan V., a dedicated advocate of cutting-edge research in computer science, Dr. Ganapathy S., a distinguished professor in academia (top 2% scientist by Stanford) and Vellore Institute of Technology, lent their expertise to make “ReFOCUS 2023” an exceptional academic event.

The FDP’s overarching focus on the intersection of research and funding opportunities in computer science underscored its commitment to advancing knowledge in a rapidly evolving field. Participants left the event enriched, armed with fresh perspectives, and inspired to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of computer science.

As the world continues to rely on data-driven decisions and technological innovations, events like “ReFOCUS 2023” prove instrumental in shaping the future of computer science and its applications across industries. The online Faculty Development Program (FDP) serves as a testament to the steadfast dedication of VIT Chennai in promoting excellence in education and research. This achievement is made possible through the exceptional support provided by Dr. G. Viswanathan, the Chancellor, Dr. Rambabu Kodali, the Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Kanchana Bhaaskaran V. S, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Chennai Campus, Dr. Ganesan R, the Professor and Dean of SCOPE, Dr. R. Parvathi, Associate Dean, Academics of SCOPE and Dr. Geetha S, the Professor and Associate Dean, Research of SCOPE.

For those who missed the live sessions, recordings and additional resources from “ReFOCUS 2023” are expected to be made available for continued learning and exploration, ensuring the knowledge shared during this event continues to inspire and drive progress in the field of computer science.

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