OnePlus Sends Legal Notice To Delhi-Based User Whose Nord 2 5G Exploded In Pocket

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

The Explosion Case: Explained

Earlier this month, A Delhi- based user alleged that his OnePlus Nord 25G smartphone had exploded in his coat. The Delhi-based user is a lawyer named Gaurav Gulati. Allegedly, that the explosion took place on September 8. Gaurav also mentioned that due to overheating of the phone, he has got burn injuries near his stomach. After the explosion, Gaurav reported the incident on Twitter. Soon after, OnePlus reached out to him. However, the user did not give the phone for the investigation to the team visiting his premises.

According to sources, OnePlus has now issued a legal notice to Gaurav. He shared the photos of the legal notice on his Twitter account, take a look here:

What Did the Notice Say?

As written in the notice, it demanded that the user should “cease and desist” from making or publishing “any such defamatory videos or derogatory statements” against the Chinese company and its products. It directed the user to remove his earlier tweets. However, this is the second case in which the OnePlus Nord 2 5G has been alleged to have exploded and caught fire.

In the notice that Advocate Gaurav Gulati shared on Twitter, we can see that it was sent by a legal partner of Mobitech Creations. It is the Indian subsidiary of OnePlus. The notice stated that the user had given “self-contradictory and false statements” to the media regarding the explosion of the OnePlus Nord 2 5G. Additionally, it alleged that the statements of Gulati were said with a “malicious and mala fide intent” to harm the company’s reputation.

The notice also asked Gaurav to offer an “unconditional written apology” on the matter. It also asked for an undertaking to not post or disseminate any “disparaging content” about OnePlus and its products in the future. However, Gaurav did not reply on this matter. The notice also had a warning. It stated if the user fails to fulfill the desired demands, he shall be responsible for all the costs and consequences and legal action by the company(OnePlus).


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