Nutritionists Share 5 Reasons Why You Could Be Struggling To Loose Weight

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Loose Weight

From ancient times, it is seen that a healthy weight equals a healthy body.  A healthy weight is an important measure of good health. As the coronavirus situation has put all of us under lockdown, many people are struggling to maintain their healthy body weight. Nonetheless, it is a fact that our lifestyle has changed a lot in the past 2 years.

Now, the question arises- How to lose weight in order to stay fit and healthy? We can begin with the two most important aspects of losing weight.

  1.  First, being, what you eat and how much you eat
  2. Second, being, your exercising routine

However, the ‘diet‘ topic has been a talking point for a very long time. From liquid diets to keto diets, there have been a growing number of diets that do not seem to work. According to studies, it has been observed that the ‘best‘ diet is the one which is good for all parts of your body.

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5 reasons why you can’t seem to lose weight

  1. You Follow Diets from the Internet: One thing that people don’t get easily is that every diet is bio-individual. What might work for me might now work for you. However, many people follow diets over the internet without any guidance. It may be misleading and can lead to undesired results. If you are facing issues due to increasing weight, you should consult a nutritionist.
  2.  You Rely on Health Products: Nutritionists suggest that a balanced meal should include, servings of fruits and vegetables, cereals and whole wheat grains, healthy fats from nuts, and a proper amount of liquid intake. It is not advisable to be dependent on health products for a healthy body. While certain supplements are necessary but only when consumed with a balanced meal. Taking weight loss supplements or fat burners is not a replacement for meals.
  3. Your ‘Why’ is Unclear: Your source of motivation for losing weight could be external or internal. The first step for beginning your fitness journey is deciding your ‘why’. Ask yourself why you want to lose weight? What is your intention behind it? What do you seek to achieve? Once you get clarity on your ‘why‘, your fitness journey will be more fruitful.
  4.  Your Goals are Unrealistic: Nutritionists say that many people set their bars too high while starting on their weight loss journey. It is crucial to make short-term goals and follow them thoroughly. Weight loss is not something that happens quickly. It takes time, patience, and continuous persistence. Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear mindset on what you want to achieve and be patient throughout the journey.
  5.  The Amount of Sleep you are getting is not Enough: Sleep plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy body. If you feel lethargic after waking up, it is a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle. Sleep regenerates and rejuvenates the cells of your body. Proper exercising and rest are as important as eating well and working out.

If you are starting out or have already begun, I hope you gained a better perspective for your fitness journey from this article.

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