North Indian Minifootball Players Shine in International Youth Minifootball Championship 2023

Five North Indian players represent Minifootball Indian Team in International Youth Championship 2023


Minifootball, a fast-paced and dynamic version of traditional football, is gaining popularity worldwide for its accessibility and exciting gameplay. In a recent display of talent and skill, five players from North India left an indelible mark at the International Minifootball Youth Championship 2023 held in Bratislava, Slovakia. Organized under the aegis of the World Minifootball Federation, the championship provided an international platform for young amateur footballers to showcase their prowess and compete with global talents.

The Minifootball Association of India (MAI) formed U-11, U-13, and U-15 teams to participate in the prestigious international event. These teams were meticulously selected during the MAI National Minifootball Championship held in Nasik in December 2022, drawing the best players from various states across India.

In the U-15 category, Armaan Singh Bajwa from Chandigarh played a crucial role in securing India’s first international medal. The team exhibited remarkable performances throughout the tournament, reaching the finals after a thrilling 1-0 victory over Romania, with Anirudh Kapil Bohra scoring the decisive goal. However, they faced a tough challenge in the finals against the host team, Slovakia, and secured a well-deserved runner-up position.

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Additionally, in the U-13 category, Aarav Sejwal from Delhi showcased outstanding performances, earning him the title of “Outstanding Performer” in his age group. Aarav’s skills on the field, coupled with his exceptional goal-scoring ability, garnered appreciation from the Slovakia Minifootball Association.

The MAI Indian Team was expertly led by coaches Mr. TarunMehra, Mr. YashwantMokashi, and Mr. KartikVashist, who nurtured and honed the players’ abilities from the national championship to the international tournament. Their guidance and support were instrumental in shaping the young athletes into formidable competitors.

The International Minifootball Youth Championship 2023 was a significant initiative by the World Minifootball Federation, led by Mr. VitthalShirgaonkar and Mr. Peter Kralik, aimed at encouraging grassroots Minifootball and providing aspiring footballers with a global platform to display their talents.

Amidst the young heroes who shone at the International Minifootball Youth Championship 2023 were the talented brothers, Armaan Singh Bajwa and Anmol Singh Bajwa. Hailing from Chandigarh, they both displayed exceptional prowess on the field, making their family, including their father, Bikramjit Singh Bajwa, immensely proud. Their performances were a testament to the unwavering support and encouragement they received from their family, spurring them on to achieve greatness.


Joining the league of players were Veer Pratap Singh, son of AjeetInderjeet Singh, and Gurgeet Singh Gill, son of Geetinder Singh. Hailing from Chandigarh, their dedication and talent were integral in representing North India at the international championship.Vivek High School in Sector 70, Mohali, played a crucial role in shaping his talent and nurturing his passion for Minifootball.


Aarav Sejwal from Delhi, son of Prince Sejwal, Bhatnagar International School, Vasant Kunj Delhi, 9th standard emerged as a shining star in the U-13 category, leaving a mark with his impressive skills on the field.,

North Indian Players’ Remarkable Achievement:

The participation of North Indian players in the International Minifootball Youth Championship 2023 was a testament to their dedication and hard work. Representing their respective states and regions, these young talents brought together a diverse mix of skills and techniques that made them stand out on the international stage. Their impressive performances not only showcased their athletic prowess but also brought recognition to the growing Minifootball community in India.

Among the standout players was Aarav Sejwal, hailing from Delhi, who not only displayed exceptional talent on the field but also emerged as a role model for aspiring Minifootball enthusiasts. Aarav’s exceptional goal-scoring ability and outstanding performance earned him the title of “Outstanding Performer” in the U-13 age category, an accolade that further fueled his passion for the sport. With promising prospects ahead, Aarav has the potential to become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Minifootball.

The Minifootball Association of India has been instrumental in creating a strong foundation for the sport across the country. The MAI National Minifootball Championship, which served as the selection platform for the Indian teams, provided an opportunity for talented players to compete at a higher level and gain exposure to professional coaching. This robust approach to nurturing talent has been pivotal in bringing Indian Minifootballto the international forefront.

The International Minifootball Youth Championship held in Bratislava, Slovakia, was not only a platform for competition but also an opportunity for cultural exchange and camaraderie. The gracious hospitality of Slovakia and the warm reception received by the Indian contingent left a lasting impression on the players. Interacting with players from different countries and experiencing diverse football cultures added to the enriching experience of the championship.

The success of the U-15 team, securing India’s first international medal in Minifootball, marked a significant milestone in the journey of Indian Minifootball. The achievement not only instilled a sense of pride among the players but also inspired the entire Minifootball community in India. With the support and encouragement of the Minifootball Association of India and the World Minifootball Federation, Indian Minifootball is poised for further growth and recognition on the global stage.

The International Minifootball Youth Championship 2023 served as a platform for nurturing young talents and providing them with exposure to international competition. As India’s representation in Minifootball continues to grow, it is crucial to create more opportunities for young players to participate in such prestigious events. Through continued efforts and support from the Minifootball community and sports authorities, the nation can unearth and develop more gifted athletes who can compete at the highest levels in Minifootball.

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