Nokia To Set Up First 4G Network On Moon With NASA

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

In 2020, it was first stated that the Finnish telecoms company Nokia and the US space agency, NASA will work together to establish 4G infrastructure on the Moon as part of NASA’s Artemis mission.

The Moon will soon have 4G Connectivity: Nokia

According to CNBC, this equipment might get there and start working in 2023. But, it won’t be until 2025 that astronauts will start using this connectivity. It will be Nokia’s responsibility to demonstrate how 4G equivalents to LTE communication networks. It can function just as well on the Moon as they do on Earth.

Nokia 4G moon NASA

Bell Laboratories at Nokia received $14.1 million for the endeavor. The 4G-LTE network will be developed by Bell Labs by AT&T in collaboration with the spaceflight engineering firm Intuitive Machines.

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Later, when astronauts touch down, they will be able to communicate with one another and the mission control center on Earth using this network. By way of illustration, by sending data instantly. They will also be able to remotely control the rover in order to gather rock and lunar dust particles.


Nokia and NASA 4G on the Moon

The ability to stream high-definition videos from the Moon will also be made possible by this connectivity. The first-ever lunar Instagram reels may even appear! There are many technological initiatives connected to NASA’s perspective on Moon missions. For instance, the UK Space Agency and Rolls-Royce have collaborated to construct a nuclear microreactor that can support a team stationed on the moon.

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