Nilay Chakrapani – A Journey Through Grit and Determination to Being a Millionaire Technopreneur

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Nilay Chakrapani

We are in a world where no matter what the size of a business is, ecommerce and digital marketing activities are prime in building the brand image and generating revenue. 

While the transformation was in place only by 2015, some of the stalwarts of the ecommerce and digital marketing industries took to it even before we could consider it a career choice.

Nilay Chakrapani is one of them, a promising digital entrepreneur in his late 20s. 

Most of Nilay’s day-to-day work includes training newbies to start their ecommerce journey, consulting brands on their digital marketing strategies, and expanding new dropshipping markets. But that’s not how he started?

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His is a journey that inspires the young minds of our country towards self-reliance. A humble yet strong-willed Nilay credits his success to his tenacity to learn and grow. 

It all started when Nilay came across a few international digital marketing experts who were making a tremendous amount of money by flipping Facebook pages. But soon after, he met with an unfortunate accident and, as a matter of course, could not appear for the entrance exam. 

During his B.Tech in Vellore Institute of Technology, he spent most of his days reading marketing books, business ideas, and inspirational biographies of world-renowned entrepreneurs. 

Nilay started to develop a keen eye on the potential of the digital marketing and ecommerce industries. If we speak of today, it is valued at over $340 billion.

At that time, Nilay had been freelancing with a company, exploring social media marketing and connecting with social media influencers who had built a career out of it. On the other side, he had also begun his research for new business models that can be made operational online.

He put utmost time and effort into knowing and exploring the social media marketing strategies and finally moved on to ecommerce in 2015, more specifically, dropshipping. With only a handful of products, he dived into the ecommerce business backed by all his research over the years. 

Six months into the business and Nilay had already invested over INR 1.8 lakhs. And did not have any resources to fall back on. He even remembers a time when he only had INR 72 in his bank account.

But perseverance always pays off. Then, finally, it was time for his first ecommerce sale, and slowly the volume increased. Once he caught the nerve of the business, he started replicating similar websites to serve customers across the globe, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the UK markets. 

By 2018, the Indian ecommerce market was booming, and it was time for him to shift his kingpin. Ever since then, Nilay has collaborated with numerous businesses to scale up their strategic marketing channels and sales. 

Nilay has chalked up over INR 30 crores in India in the past three years, working with aggregators and helping the Indian market overcome any plaguing issue. 

Not only that, he also believes in helping others up the ladder. He trains novel entrepreneurs and consults brands towards more profitable marketing strategies and sales. He considers India to be capable of being a global leader in terms of business and self-reliance. 

As our Prime Minister rightly said, “No task is impossible; no path is difficult; if our resolution is strong. We have to be dedicated to making ourselves self-reliant. This magnificent building of self-reliant India will stand on five pillars, namely economy, infrastructure, technology, demography, and demand”. Nilay keeps doing his part in helping India improve the infrastructure and be a technologically-enabled economy.

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