Nike’s Upcoming Movie Michael J’s ‘Air’-100% Rotten Tomatoes

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Nike’s upcoming film ‘Air’ was debuted, prior to its release in theaters at SXSW. Critics have rated the movie a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. ‘Air,’ Ben Affleck’s highly anticipated film is about Nike’s chase and eventual signing of Michael Jordan. On Saturday’s closing night of SXSW, it received a standing ovation.

Affleck directs and acts in the film as Nike co-founder Phil Knight, with Matt Damon as Nike executive Sonny Vaccaro. The film covers Vaccaro’s pursuit of Jordan and how it led to Nike’s domination by signing the basketball superstar.

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The plot of the Upcoming Movie ‘Air’ Michael J’s

Air uncovers the incredible game-changing connection between a then-rookie Michael Jordon and Nike’s nascent basketball division. Which altered the world of sports and current culture with the Air Jordan brand, from award-winning director Ben Affleck.

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This moving story follows the career-defining risks of an unconventional team with everything on the line. The unflinching vision of a mother who appreciates her son’s extraordinary abilities. And the basketball sensation who would go on to become an all-time great. The remaining actors that appear in “Air” are Jason Bateman as Strasser, Matthew Maher as Moore, and Chris Messina as David Falk.

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In an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Affleck confessed that he went to visit Jordan. Davis was the one and only actress who could play his mother, Deloris Jordan, according to the mythology. During the THR interview, Affleck described his experience with the legend in great detail. According to the study, Jordan and the sneaker were a “silver lining in the cloud” at a time when Nike was losing money, and suffering from low morale.  

The film, written by Alex Convery, is the first collaboration between Affleck and Damon’s Artists Equity and Amazon Studios, and Mandalay Pictures. The film will be released in theaters worldwide on April 5, ahead of its launch on Amazon Prime Video.

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