Neotia University organized inter-college basketball tournament

Neotia University organized inter college of basketball tournament

The Ambuja Neotia University of  Kolkata organized an inter-college basketball tournament the last Thursday at Neotia Campus, the first match was played between the team Marine collage v/s  The Neotia boys, Marine boys grab the ball by tossing and tries to score,  at the first half both teams attempted hard to convert basket which was ending by the tie.

It was an eye-taking match on the next half marine boys take the lead by  4, it can be seen the happiness of winning the match by the captain.  In the evening now the match is between girls TNU  v/s JIS College of Engineering. By winning the toss Sakshi captain also the center forward of the team in the TNU became the first scorer team. By the first half match was one-sided, and TNU maintained their position by a huge 12 points.

The opponent team seems to lose their confidence and here Prerna the shooting guard was in the spotlight of the game of her skills, she converted one 3-pointers. Crowed of students cheering both the teams the excitement and curiosity can be seen in the audience’s eyes of the basketball tournament, the hootings and the shouting were encouraging the players of both the side. During the time out in every match coaches of the teams played their role by boosting up the energy and also correcting players’ mistakes.

In the last match, TNU wins the finals with a score of 28 and 16 which is a commendable and interesting game the coach of the team  TNU University Mr. Sumit Sinha also train many national-level players. he appreciates the players and having the proud in his eyes waiting for the announcement of the results and championship trophy. End of the evening  The Chief guest from the Basketball Association of Kolkata congratulates the winner by tiring them with the medals and handing the trophy to the coach and to the winners of the game.

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