Nayantara’s Netrikann Is A Must Watch Tamil Thriller Movie 2021

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

Netrikann is a Tamil thriller movie which is a story of a blind girl who takes revenge. There is a cat and mouse game between the main protagonist who is blind and also the serial killer. The movie is directed by Milind Rau. It is very engaging and keeps the audience glued to the screen .

The film teaser was released July 28 2021 and since than fans couldn’t wait for this thriller filled movie to be released The movie was dropped by Disney plus hotstar. Netrikan is directed by Aval fame Milind Rau, who is also well known for directing movies such as Kadhal 2 Kalyanam and The House Housing Door. The movie is an adaptation from a South Korean movie Blind (2011).

Netrikann Cast

  • Nayantara as Durga
  • Ajmal Ameer as Dr. James Dinah
  • Manikandan as SI Manikandan
  • Sarah shakti as Gowtham
  • RJ Anathi as Renuka

Netrikann Plot

The plot of the movie revolves around a blind girl. Milind Rau’s Netrikan is about a blind woman Vs a serial killer. Nayantara who plays Durga a CBI officer who looses her eyesight in a car accident . Durga blames herself for the misfortune. She than  later get a service dog called Kanna ( an adorable Labrador ).

When she was trying to live a normal line . On, the other side  a psychopath (Ajmal Ameer) is abducting  and sexually assaulting women.  Durga and the psychopath has many encounter and she suspects him .  But unlike several film they don’t hide the serial killer. Netrikann shows his face many times  in the film. This doesn’t make the surprise element of showing the serial killer as  a wow element . Despite the background of Durga being not so creative .

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Nayantara carries the entire movie Netrikann with her excellent acting skills.  She is not shown as someone perfect but a person who makes lot of mistakes in her  life. The movie however shows women victims as too much of sexual elements. The psychopath unzipping his pants, killer licking the face of victim and lashing out at the bare body of the victim. The cinematography is not that appealing as expected. All the faces of the victims are not shown as they should be showing .

The psychopath doesn’t see their victims as human but as an object. But the film did well on OTT platform and many audience liked it. Ajmal Ameer’s performance as a psychopath is very inconsistent , because he was directed to play psychopath exactly like it was shown in previous Tamil Film. The plot has many loopholes but thanks to Nayantara the movie was able to hold the attention of the people. She has very good punchlines in the movie.

Where to watch

You can watch Netrikann the whole movie by taking subscription of Hotstar Disney. Watch the full movie and enjoy the thrilling journey of a blind woman.

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