Navigating Real Estate Excellence: Unveiling Renox Group’s Investment Odyssey



In the dynamic realm of real estate investment, Renox Group, formerly Renowned Group, emerges as a strategic powerhouse, reshaping excellence in residential and commercial projects across Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. Led by the astute Mr. Shailendra Sharma, Chairman, and Managing Director, Renox Group stands as a hallmark of trust, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional returns on investment.

Renox Group: Strategizing Excellence in Real Estate Investments

Renox Group embodies strategic excellence with a robust legacy cultivated over a decade. Anchored in an unyielding commitment to excellence, the company prioritizes the highest echelons of quality and customer service, aiming to ensure clients actively participate in the exponential appreciation of their investments.

“Our Aspiration: Charting New Heights in Real Estate Investment Excellence”

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Renox Group aspires to lead the real estate investment arena, setting unprecedented standards for investor satisfaction. The commitment extends to consistently outperforming investor expectations, fueled by world-class real estate services and pioneering investment solutions.

Mr. Shailendra Sharma: A Strategic Maestro

Mr. Shailendra Sharma, a strategic visionary, and the architect of Renox Group’s investment success story, brings a decade of experience in civil construction and marketing. His leadership philosophy encapsulates the essence of “Fulfilling Dreams, Surpassing Expectations!”

“A Strategic Odyssey: Mr. Shailendra Sharma’s Investment Journey”

Born on 30th November 1985, Mr. Shailendra Sharma’s journey is a strategic odyssey into business, nationalism, and community service. Beyond a business leader, he is a true patriot and an active member of Brahmin Samaj. His venture into real estate germinated after completing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from Ghaziabad.

Renox Group Projects: Strategic Investment Epics

Renox Group’s strategic symphony of projects harmonizes a commitment to strategic opulence, meticulous planning, and vibrant investment communities.

Strategic Residential Projects

  1. Lotus Park:
  • A strategic haven exuding opulence and ROI royalty.
  • Elegant homes, thoughtful landscaping—a class-apart living experience with strategic investment potential.
  1. Lotus Villa:
  • Abodes of luxury and regal living.
  • Ventilated interiors, gymnasiums, grand entrance foyers—an anthem of strategic upscale living with compelling investment returns.
  1. Lotus Srishti:
  • A strategic choice in Crossings Republik.
  • Exceptional connectivity and modern amenities orchestrate a strategic symphony of comfort with promising investment returns.

Strategic Commercial Projects

  1. Avantika Retail Street:
  • Renox Group’s strategic retail opus.
  • Delivered in 2021, a manifestation of strategic dedication to unique and memorable shopping experiences with promising investment potential.

Ongoing Strategic Projects

  1. Renox: Luxury Apartments in Greater Noida:
  • A strategic magnum opus with a cost of Rs. 540 CR.
  • Nestled in a well-connected, rapidly developing area—ensuring promising investment returns.
  • An exploration of exceptional strategic investment realms in Ghaziabad.
  • Versatile layouts create a canvas for diverse businesses with potential investment growth.

Upcoming Strategic Projects

  1. Five-star Resort in Jaipur:
  • A strategic creation unfolding in the Pink City, with a project cost of Rs. 350 CR.
  • World-class hospitality, and exceptional services—an ode to strategic opulent accommodations and promising investment opportunities.

Strategic Transformation with Renox Group

Renox Group is a strategic vehicle, transforming dreams into strategic realities. Dedicated to making strategic dream luxury weddings a reality, Renox Group also offers exclusive rooms for unforgettable strategic holiday getaways—curated premium resorts and hotels, inviting strategic individuals to indulge in leisure, reflection, and the creation of cherished memories.

Strategic Partners in Hospitality: VANAAM – Strategic Architects

Under the strategic umbrella of Black Rock Hotels Pvt. Ltd, Renox Group’s strategic foray into hospitality is personified by VANAAM Hotels & Resorts. Established in 2021, VANAAM elevates the strategic guest experience through a blend of exceptional hospitality and strategic comfort.

In conclusion, the strategic odyssey of Renox Group and Mr. Shailendra Sharma is a blueprint of strategic vision, dedication, and a commitment to strategic excellence. As the company strides forth in leading the real estate investment narrative, it remains tethered to the strategic belief that where there is a strategic will, there is a strategic way—an anthem resonating through the corridors of strategic investment prowess.

About Renox Group:

Renox Group is a strategic sculptor, shaping residential and commercial dreams across Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad. With an unwavering commitment to strategic excellence, Renox Group is on a strategic pilgrimage, transforming dreams into realities in the world of real estate investment.


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