Nancy Drew Season 2 Episode 8: Aunt Diana Delivered The Most Cutthroat And Heartbreaking Moment During?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The poltergeists may be evil, but the rich families of Horseshoe Bay are barbarous! Aunt Diana delivered the most cutthroat and heartbreaking moment during”The Quest for the Spider Sapphire” on Nancy Drew. Considering that the show premiere, we’ve followed Bess’s journey to reunite with her family and assert the legacy she long desired. Now, for all of that to be swept away in one sharp cut, the loss hit hard. How can your heart not break for Bess during this huge development because of her character’s future? Nancy Drew went for the tragic loss. and it worked.

Bess’s troubles stemmed from all the keys she carried along with the decisions she’s made along the way. Aunt Diana already knew about the husband and being a con artist in the U.K. If Bess had looped her to the plan ahead of time, Diana could have joined in to rescue George and Nancy. Additionally, because the necklace has been cracked, the betrayal would’ve backfired as the necklace could be back in Diana’s ownership because she would’ve known about the offer. Instead, Bess came across looking like a burglar and someone who’d betray the family for other motives. Bess made the wrong call about how to approach this scenario; her husband could’ve been defeated another way.

Also, his twist for getting revenge on Bess was so petty and weak. Going out of his way to ruin her family connection wasn’t any guarantee; he would not understand if Aunt Diana would disown Bess or forgive her. He got lucky that Diana picked honor and family over Bess’s actions. With luck, this is going to be the last we see him on Nancy Drew. He caused the chaos he needed to and he can leave to be never seen again.

The Odette and Nancy kidnapping filled in some gaps we had to know about the mystery. The Atlanta being a symptom of Odette’s murder and pain made sense because that induce brewed over the past few years into becoming a deadly legend. Though she can not easily wash off all culpability Odette played a part in being the Aglaeca, so there is a small part she understood what she was doing. And when she wished to redeem herself, then she would vacate George’s body to leave her alone. George’s life is at risk since Odette does not wish to leave. In case the ritual gets performed again, no one will come out a winner in this.

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It’s great that George admitted the truth to Nick. Maintaining the ghostly secret will just tear them apart down the line when he did find out. Plus, if her life is at risk due to the possession, he wants to understand so he can help her. Both of their lives were tied together as a result of Aglaeca’s passing curse and they’re currently dating they’re a unit and need to work collectively. George and Nick need to start being open with one another to keep their relationship moving forward.

Will the news post expose Ryan being the father of Nancy? Nancy Drew seems to be setting up the plot of the reporter digging into his family tree, and based on how intrepid the reporter seems, she’ll uncover the truth eventually. Though, I am not certain if she’ll publish the story with the fact within it. I have a feeling she may choose to shield Ryan and Nancy out of Ryan’s dad; the pair began a budding friendship along the reporter did mention that Ryan was different than the rest of his family. This potentially could hold off exposing the fact for a while; however, the odds might be that the Hudsons will find out the truth. The small-town drama is writing itself about the paternity storylines.

“The Quest for the Spider Sapphire” was a quaint little narrative that exposed much of Bess’s ago and shifted her future. Compared with the mysteries of the past, this one appeared small compared and pretty straightforward. This is now the second week in a row in which the solution turned out to be a human occurrence instead of something paranormal. There’s nothing wrong with these types of instances –we need them to round out the stories and add more human drama into the mix. However, the case should be just as thrilling if there’s a ghost or not.

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